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Back Scratcher Portable Scratching Claw

Get instant relief from body itch
Easily scratch those hard to reach spots and relieve stress
Collapsible size, it can extend in length up to 58cm, perfect for storage and travel
Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 22cm-58cm (Adjustable)
Package Includes:

1 x Back Scratcher Portable Scratching Claw

Cat Scratching Post Sisal Board

Aids in preventing your cat from scratching, clawing, and creating irreversible damage to your furniture
You can easily wrap it around any furniture with a magic tape or just lay it on the floor
Durable sisal material, creating the perfect surface for your cat’s scratching urges
Material: Sisal
Available sizes to choose from:

Small Size: 40 x 30cm/15.75 x 11.81"
Medium Size: 44 x 30cm/17.32 x 11.81"

Package Includes:

1 x Cat Scratching Post Sisal Board