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Parking Sensors for Safe Car Rear Reverse Parking

Park easier and avoid potential accidents
8 waterproof sensors
Alerts you efficiently, works effectively
Looks complicated but is really easy to install
Great for beginner drivers
Available in colors matching your car paint

PT100 Daughter Module Board Allowing Two PT100 Temperature Sensors To Be Attached For The DuetWifi And The Duet Ethernet 3D Printer Part

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:This is based on the PT100 Daughter board ,which is a daughterboard specifically designed for the DuetWifi

Reversing Sensors Car Parking Detector

This parking sensor system helps take the risk out of reversing and parking
It helps prevent dangerous and costly collisions
Easy to install, with an instruction manual to help you with the set-up
Material Type: ABS and PC / Supply voltage: 10.5V-15V(12V nominal) / Obstacle detection: from 150 cm from the bumper (post dia. 80mm)
Current consumption: 200 mA max / Working temperature: 20°C-65°C / Storage temperature: 35°C-85°C
Package Includes:

1 x Command module, 4 x Ultrasonic sensors, 1 x Power supply cable, 1 x Hole borer, 1 x Accessory kit, 1 x Instruction manual

SONOFF ZBBridge Smart Zigbee3.0 Bridge with 4 SNZB Sensors APP Wireless Remote Controller Smart Home Bridge Work with Alexa Google Home Voice Control

Precise details:Description:SONOFF SNZB-01 ZB Wireless Switch is a mini and exquisite ZB wireless smart switch replying on SONOFF ZBBridge that

Temperature Humidity Sensors S06Pro WiFi Infrared Rays Remote Controls Comfortable Life

Sensors are the biggest application of smart homes. Each intelligent system can operate 24 hours a day and has the ability to cope with various complex environmental changes, ensuring the normal and safe use of the system and reliable quality. Infrared rays frequency: 38KHZ Infrared rays range: ≤10 meters Wi-Fi protocol: 2.4GHz

ZigBee Tuya Human Body Sensor Wireless Body Sensors Movement Motion Sensor with Holder Smart Home Kit

Precise details:Specification:-Support to view 6 months of history.-When the device detects human movement within the detection range, an alarm message