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2 Person Sleeping Bag Ultralight and Portable

Enjoy the convenience of bringing only one sleeping bag that's big enough to fit two persons, rather than by bringing  two separate sleeping bags
It's waterproof, it has a two-way zipper, breathable, it has a temperature scale; the perfect camping sleeping bag
It's lightweight and portable, and it has adjustable straps and buckles
Material: 20D 380T Nylon / Lining Material: 240T Pongee /Filler: m2 Imitation Silk Cotton (80g)
Comfort Temperature: 15℃ / Limit Temperature: 8℃
Weight: 760g
Packaging Size: 13 x 31 cm
Size: 205 x 85 cm
Package Content:

1 x Sleeping Bag

Anti Snoring Sleeping Aid Tool

Instantly helps you to stop snoring in a natural, healthy and simple way by holding your jaw firmly in place and keeping your mouth closed
Comes with a soft fabric that won’t brush uncomfortably against your face, fully adjustable to enable you to perfectly adjust the strap according to your need
Increase REM sleep and improve sleep quality can improve focus and reduce stress
Material: Neoprene
Size: 700 x80mm
Package Content: 1 x Anti Snoring Sleeping Aid Tool

Backpacking Sleeping Bag Outdoor Accessory

The Backpacking Sleeping Bag is durable, waterproof and perfect for outdoor use
It is foldable and can fit into an easy-to-carry bag; It is lightweight and portable
It is easy to set up; It is comfortable to sleep on and can be fully opened through a zipper
Material: 210T Polyester Fabric
Size: 210 x 75 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Backpacking Sleeping Bag
1 x Storage Bag

Bed Tent Sleeping Mosquito Net

Have better sleep without any mosquito disturbing you with this bed tent
This is easy to use and has a breathable mesh material so you can stay cool
Use this for camping, it is portable and durable which is perfect for outdoor use
Material: Polyester, cotton
Size Variants:

1.0m (3.3 feet) bed

1.2m (4 feet) bed

1.5m (5 feet) bed

1.8m (6 feet) bed

Package Content:

1 x Bed Tent Sleeping Mosquito Net

Camping Air Mattress Sleeping Pad

An inflatable air mattress that can help you sleep better while having an outdoor activity
An elastic and waterproof sleeping pad that contains a double valve for fast inflating or deflating
Convenient material that has a double gas port and double layer
Material: 40D Nylon TPU / Inner Layer: TPU Sealing Coating
Weight: 930g / Thickness: 8cm
Size: 195 x 62 x 8cm / Packing Size: 27cm x 10cm
Package Includes:

1 x Camping Air Mattress Sleeping Pad
1 x Storage Sack

Camping Sleeping Bag For Adults

Lightweight, foldable, and compact outdoor sleeping material
Allows you to sleep with warmth and comfort while camping or hiking
Breathable and convenient to use; Wicks away moisture
Material: Polyester Taffeta, Sponge

Large - 190 x 75cm / Pack Size: 18 x 40cm
XL - 205 x 85cm / Pack Size: 19 x 42cm


Large - 800g
XL - 1000g

Package Includes:

1 x Camping Sleeping Bag For Adults

Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat

The ideal choice for backpacking, hiking or weekend family camp-outs
Perfect to use in a chair or a hammock, under or inside your sleeping bag for increased warmth
You can inflate the pad with just 10 - 15 breaths, while the deflation only takes a few seconds
Materials: 20D, 40D nylon, TPU film, and PU coating
Inflated Size: 181 x 61 x 6.3cm; Storage Size: 20 x 8 x 8cm; Weight: Blue: 380g; Green/ Orange/ Black: 460g
Package List:

1 x Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat
1 x Storage Sack

Cat House Foldable Sleeping Pad

Perfect for cats and puppies
Foldable and easy to set up
Made in super cozy materials to make your cats and puppies feel comfortable and warm
 Material: Velvet; Inner layer: Sponge; Filler: PP Cotton
Available sizes to choose from:

S: 40 x 38 x 30cm, suitable for 1.5 kg pet
M: 45 x 40 x 35cm, suitable for 4 kg pet
L: 55 x 44 x 38cm, suitable for 6 kg pet

Package Included:

1 x Cat House Foldable Sleeping Pad

Cooling Eye Mask Sleeping Eyeshade

The Cooling Eye Mask Sleeping Eyeshade is ideal for traveling; it's lightweight and foldable
It is convenient and soft; it is gentle and not rough on the eyes
It has a cooling effect that reduces eye stress; it also removes eye puffiness and redness
Material: Cotton, Linen
Size: 20 x 9.5cm
Package contents: 1 x Eye Mask Sleeping Eyeshade, 1 x Cooling Gel Eye Pad

Cooling Mat Pet Sleeping Summer Bed

Keep your pets cool on a hot summer day by getting this cooling mat for them to lie down on
It has a pressure-activated cooling that absorbs the heat and regulates the temperature so it stays cool
It has a lightweight material and is portable, it is also scratch and bite resistant to keep it safe
Weight: 100-320g
Size Variants:

S: 40 x 50 cm

M: 52 x 60 cm

L: 55 x 70 cm

XL: 72 x 100 cm

Package Content:

1 x Cooling Mat Pet Sleeping Summer Bed

Cylinder Pillow Sleeping Cushion

This Cylinder Pillow makes a great gift idea because since it is a unisex gift
It provides support while sleeping to prevent stiff necks and back pains
The case is removable for convenience when washing and it is soft
Material: Polyester, Cotton/ Weight: 1-1.5 kg
Size Variants: 15 x 40cm, 15 x 60cm, 20 x 80cm, 20 x 100cm, 20 x 120cm
Package Contents:

1 x Cylinder Pillow

Earplugs For Sleeping Silicone Ear Plugs

Effectively blocks out external noises making it perfect for sleeping, relaxing and meditating purposes
Comfortable and easy to wear, the silicone body reduces internal pressure and will not irritate your ears
Material: Soft Waterproof Silicone/ Noise Reduction Capacity: Up to 25 decibels
Applications: Sleep, Meditation, Reading, Studying, Concentrating, Work, and more
Dimensions: L2.2cm x W1.5cm x H1.5cm

1x Set of Earplugs
1x Carry Organizer