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Face Slimmer Face Exerciser Tool

Improve blood circulation in your face to reduce wrinkles or "age lines"
Tighten loose and sagging skin in your face, chin, cheeks, and around the mouth
It will only take you three minutes to exercise with this face slimmer; Very convenient to use
Size: 8x7.5x2.5 cm / Material:Silicone
Package Content:

1 x Face Slimmer

Leg Massage Roller Muscle Slimmer

Massage your sore muscles after a workout and make them slimmer with this leg massage roller
It has four soft and relaxing rollers and provides a 360-degrees massage for your legs and arm
It has two ergonomic handles for both of your hands and this provides good pressure to your muscles
Material: ABS plastic
Size: 27 x 25cm
Weight: 380g
Package Content:

1 x Leg Massage Roller Muscle Slimmer

Weighted Hula Hoop Waist Slimmer

The weighted hula hoop is a practical workout tool for slimming and toning your waist; Foam-padded for your comfort
It's heavy and weighted for added resistance to your workout; You'll achieve slimmer and sexier waistline with regular use
The parts are detachable for easier transport; They are easy to assemble too
Hula hoop comes in 6 detachable parts; You have to assemble it yourself
Diameter: 90cm / Weight: 1.35 kg
Material: Steel Pipe+NBR Foam
Package Content:

1 x Weighted Hula Hoop (6 Detachable Parts)