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Microwave Splatter Cover

A dome-like splatter guard that keeps your microwave oven clean and splatter-free
It has a magnetic top so you can stick it to the roof of the microwave when not in use
It has built-in vents for even heat distribution
Temp Resistance: -40c to +230c / Material: Plastic
Size: 11.5 inches (Dia) / Dishwasher safe
Package Content:

1 x Microwave Splatter Guard

Silicone Splatter Guard Whisking Lid

For baking or cooking

Mess-free kitchen counter

Easy to clean
Lightweight and durable
One size fits most sizes of bowl

Material: PP + silicone

Size: 29.8 cm in diameter

Weight: 0.097 kg

Splatter Guard Mixing Bowl Cover

The splatter guard is an innovative solution to help the bakers and bakers at heart. It is a silicone cover for your mixing bowl to prevent the contents of what you are mixing splatter all around your kitchen cupboard.
It is a hygienic cover that prevents splatter in your kitchen while also preventing contaminants from entering your mixing bowl
You simply have to insert the whisk through the flip opening; After using, remove the splatter guard and wash it with soap and water
Material:PP + Silicone/Size: Outer diameter: 29.8 cm
Compatible with hand and table stand food mixer
Package Content:

1 x Splatter Guard