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Basket Strainer Foldable Kitchen Tool

It is an instant flexible and essential kitchen helper
It starts off flat and can expand to a flexible basket that let you cook, deep fry and boil foods with ease
Comes with a specially designed handle that stays cool to touch
Material: Stainless Steel
Size:23 x 23 x 14cm; Handle size:16.5 x 12.5cm
Package Includes:

1 x Basket Strainer Foldable Kitchen Tool

Bathroom Floor Kitchen Sink Strainer

Bathroom Floor Kitchen Sink Strainer is a must have sink strainer for both your kitchen and bathroom.
It prevents clogging by sifting the unwanted particles on your sink and the hair strands on your bathroom sink. It makes things more convenient for you to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean.
It comes with 5 suckers to keep a good grip to ensure efficiency.
Colors available are green, aqua blue and white.
It is made of a durable silicone material.

Cloth Filter Kitchen Fabric Strainer

This Cloth Filter has super fine holes that effectively filter out impurities from food
It has a handle and a wide mouth that makes it more convenient to use
The cloth filter is removable from the handle so it can be hand-washed easily
Material: Stainless Steel+Cotton
Size Variants: (Depth/ Loop Size /Weight)

S: 28 cm / 14 x 28 cm / 60g
M: 32 cm / 19 x 32 cm / 80g
L: 32 cm / 24 x 40 cm / 100g

Package Contents:

1 x Cloth Filter

Collapsible Strainer Foldable Basket Colander

Used for draining most foods like spaghetti, pasta, broccoli, and other veggies
Foldable and space-saving design, they do not take up much room in your kitchen cupboards
Easy to clean and easy to carry, it has a comfortable grip and hanging design for easy lifting and storage
Materials: PP and TPR
For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Package Includes:

1 x Collapsible Strainer Foldable Basket Colander

Drain Basket Retractable Strainer

This drain basket is perfect to use in draining your food and utensils after washing it
It has a retractable feature, so you can conveniently use it according to your needs
Ideal to place on top of the sink to drain the excess water into it
Material: PET, PE plastic
Dimensions: 30-39.5 x 18.3 x 6.5cm (11.8-15.55 x 7.2 x 2.56inch)
Package content:

1 x Drain Basket Retractable Strainer

Fine Mesh Strainer Stainless Food Filter

This Fine Mesh Strainer is suitable for filtering both liquid and powder ingredients
It has a super fine mesh that removes the impurities and is perfect for baking
The handle is wooden which is lightweight and has a shape that is comfortable to hold
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Approx. 29 x 16 x 6 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Fine Mesh Strainer

Gravy Separator Fat Filter with Strainer

This product filters fat from your gravies, soups, and sauces; It has a strainer on top for the larger chunks
It has a clear, large-capacity tank, an easy-grip handle, and an easy-press dispenser handle
It's temperature-resistant and it's suitable for both hot and cold food
Material: ABS Plastic / Capacity: 1000 ml
Size: 15 × 22 cm / 5.91 × 8.66 "
Package Content:

1 x Gravy Separator

Kitchen Accessories Nylon Strainer

Lightweight easy grip cooking
Heat-resistant and durable
Convenient cooking experience
It has perfect 34.2*12.3*6.2 cm dimensions
It is made of nylon

Kitchen Sink Filter Reusable Strainer

This Kitchen Sink Filter effectively separates the large particles from the liquid
It has a durable and sturdy shape that is easy to clean up and is reusable too
Made of waterproof material that dries quickly and it also doesn’t deform easily
Material: Soft TPR
Size: 13 cm x 13 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Kitchen Sink Filter

Ladle Soup Long Handle Strainer

This ladle allows you to scoop plentiful of your favorite soup conveniently
Has a strainer function on the side that you can use to separate the solid ingredients from the broth
Its long handle helps you really reach the most bottom part of the soup
Size: 23.5 x 8cm
Material: wheat straw
Package Content:

1 x Ladle Soup Long Handle Strainer

Noodle Strainer Stainless Steel Basket

This strainer is resistant to rust and corrosion making it suitable to use on food
Made with stainless steel material to make it durable and long-lasting
Ideal to use in boiling or frying noodles, meat, and vegetables
Material: stainless steel, wood

12.5cm size: 13 x 9cm (basket base and height); 35.5cm (total length)
14cm size: 14 x 11cm (basket base and height); 36.5cm (total length)
16cm size: 15 x 12cm (basket base and height); 37.5cm (total length)

Package content:

1 x Noodle Strainer Stainless Steel Basket

Oil Filter Mesh Cooking Strainer

A cooking utensil with a fine-meshed spoon
Removes excess oil, unwanted ingredients; for deep and shallow frying; for scooping boiled ingredients
Made of stainless steel
Size: 19 x 7.3 x 6.2cm
Package contents: 1 x Oil Filter Mesh Cooking Strainer