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Tart Mould Plastic Kitchen Tool

This Tart Mould can also be used to shape other baked goods such as cookies and more
It is easy to use and makes sure that the tarts have a consistent and clean shape
The mold has holes which allow the tarts to cook and cool faster
Material: Plastic/ Height: about 20mm
Outer Diameter: about 95mm
Inner diameter: about 80mm
Package Contents:

1 x Tart Mould

Tart Pan Metal Baking Mold (6pcs)

This Tart Pan allows even cooking, is non-toxic and it is food-safe as well
It has a removable base that makes it convenient to remove the tart from the pan
The surface is non-stick so it is easy to clean as it prevents particles from hardening

Size: 10 x 10 x 1.8 cm

Material: High Carbon Steel
Package Contents:

6 x Tart Pans