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Yongnuo YN300 III Bi-color Temperature 3200K-5500K CRI95 Pro LED Video Light for Camera Camcorder

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:YN300 III is equipped with 8 channel grouping function and battery capacity testing function. it supports remote

YONGNUO YN600L LED Bi-color Temperature 3200K-5500K Video Light Photography Studio Lighting

Features:The YN600L LED adopts the latest LED driving technology, definitely not appear the corrugated,stroboscopic and other negative phenomena when shooting.

YY-1000 3 In 1 Soil EC Temperature Meter Moisture Tester Potted Gardening Agricultural Measuring Tool Conductivity Meter

Description:Soil tester is a newly developed product that can measure soil conductivity, soil moisture, and soil temperature. High precision and

Zemismart Tuya ZB Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Screen Display Real Time Monitor Smart Home Intelligent Linkage

Precise details:Feature:- Radio transmission circuit and coding technology to solve signal blocking problem- Various temperature modes can be adjusted for

ZL-6210A Digital Temperature Meter Thermostat Economical Cold Storage Controller

Products Name:Product id:–> ZL-62x0A Temperature Controller Introduction:ZL-62x0A series thermostat is for cooling or heating control, with IP65 front panel, buzzer

ZL-6210A+ 30A Output Digital Temperature Meter Digital Thermometer Thermostat

Products Name:Product id:–> ZL-6210A+ Temperature Controller Features:ZL-62x0A+ series thermostat is for cooling or heating control, with one 30 ampere output,

ZL-7801A 100-240Vac Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Multifunctional Automatic Incubator Temperature Humidity for Incubator

Products Name:Product id:–> ZL-7801A Humidity and Temperature Controller For Incubator Features:ZL7801A is an intelligent temperature and humidity controller. Compact design, IP65 level front panel protection, convenient operation and easy installation. Suitable for control of incubator, climate chamber, warehouse, and so on. Specification ◇ Power supply:100 ~ 240Vac 50/60Hz ◇ Input Signal:One humidity

ZL-7802A 100-240VAC Digital Thermometer Hygrometer PID Temperature Humidity for Incubator Multifunctional Automatic Incubator

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:ZL7802A is an intelligent temperature and humidity controller (temperature control could be PID or hysteresis). Compact design, IP65 level front panel protection, convenient operation and easy installation. Suitable for control of incubator, climate chamber, warehouse, and so on. Main Function:Heating control (R3)(PID control mode/ hysteresis control mode) Dehumidify control/ Humidify control (R2) humidity load (R2) delay protection Timer 1 control (R4 R5) (egg left-turning, egg right-turn) Timer 2 control (R1) (Ventilation/over-temperature) Temperature and humidity limit protection Temperature and humidity measurement and display Temperature and humidity calibration Sensor failure warning Size Specification:Front panel dimension:78* 34.5mm Drilling template:71* 29mm Whole machines dimension:78* 34.5* 71mm Length of sensor(s):3m (including the sensor probe) Technical Specification Power supply:AC185 ~ 245V 50HZ Input signal:One humidity and temperature sensor, wire length 1 meter

ZL-7816A 12V Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature & Humidity Meter Thermostat and Hygrostat Incubator Humidity Incubator

Products Name:Product id:–> Humidity and Temperature Controller Description ZL-7816A adopt microcomputer control, slight keys operation, pair of digital display, easy

ZL-7850A 100-240Vac Thermometer Hygrometer Dual-display Multifunctional Automatic Incubator Temperature Humidity Incubator

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:ZL-7850A is a temperature and humidity controller with rich display. IP65 level front panel protection, convenient operation

ZN-AZ -CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector Air Quality Detection Temperature and Humidity Tester

Description:This carbon dioxide detector is small and portable, can clearly display the temperature and humidity of the environment, suitable for