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BEST BST-208 Window Tint Ceramic Glass Oven Razor Scrapers Blade Plastic Handle Automotive Film Sticker Tool Cleaning Knife

Products Name:Product id:–> Specification:Main Use:Glue Removing Size(Scraper w/Cap):appro. 12.5cm x 5.0cm Handle Length:9.0cm Blade Width:38mm Blade Material:Metal Package Included:1 x BEST

Headlight Tint Self-Adhesive Film

The Headlight Tint is easy to apply and suitable for DIY car lights tinting at home
It acts as a protective layer for the headlights from UV rays, and dust particles
It is high-quality and waterproof; It is also stretchable and self-adhesive
Material: Vinyl
Size: approx. 30 cm x 60 cm / 12 inch x 24 inch
Package Contents:

1 x Headlight Tint Self-Adhesive Film

Privacy Window Film Tint Sticker

This Privacy window film tinted sticker is your instant solution to harsh sunlight and your privacy
It is simple and easy to apply and will last long
For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart.
Material: PET Film/Color: Silver/ Visible Light Transmission: 15%/Infrared cut: 88%
Visible Light Reflectance: 8%/Thickness of the base film: 2.0MIL

2m x 50cm
78.74 x 19.69”, 1m x 50cm
39.37 x 19.69" , 1m x 40cm
39.37 x 15.75, 2m x 40cm
78.74 x 15.75"

Package Content/s:

1 x Privacy Window Film Tint Sticker

Window Film One Way Mirror Tint

A good heat insulation film that can block the sun's harmful infrared and UV rays from entering your homes
Gives you privacy with its one-way mirror view
Easy to install with its self-clinging material on a smooth glass surface
Material: PVC / Feature: Self-Adhesive
Dimension: 100 x 40 cm (L x W)
Package content: 1 x Window Film One Way Mirror Tint

Window Tint Film Black Color

This is a wonderful glass film that is good for residential and commercial use; You can apply it on your window after spraying a mixture of soap and water into the glass surfaces
It can perfectly block the sunlight from entering into your house; It can protect your furniture from fading and prevent other damages that the harmful UV rays can cause on your skin and eyes
A glass tint film that can effectively give you additional privacy in your living space; It can prevent your neighbors and passers-by from looking through your window
Material: PVC
Package Content:

1 X Window Tint Film