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110V/220V 400mg/h Ozone Generator Food Fruit Vegetable Washing Digital Machine Household Sterilization Deodorizing Detoxification Water Purifier

GL-3188 is certificated ozone generator that fits to the ozone water request at household, kitchen and family . Ozone water

1200x900x300mm Raised Steel Garden Bed Planter Box Outdoor Vegetable Flower Herbs Tray Pot

Specifications:Dimensions:120x90x30CM /47.2 x 35.4x 11.8inMaterial:SteelType:Open bottom designFeatures and Benefits:[Easy to assemble]:You can use a Phillips screwdriver and the included butterfly

9 in1 Rotate Vegetable Cutter Chopper Fruit Grater Slicer with Basket Drain

Features:● KITCHEN HELPER:Cut and wash, easy and fast, rotating buckle, automatic rotation Angle, the basket is stable, easy to wash

Apple Peeler Vegetable Pairing Knife

Makes use of a ceramic blade that does not cause oxidation lowers the quality in certain foods
With an ergonomic handle that lessens the stress of peeling and keeps the fingers away from injury
The ceramic blade doesn't rust and it is convenient to0 clean as well as store away
Material: ABS plastic (handle) and Ceramic (blade) / Blade Size: 55mm

Variant packages:
Single peeler in black
Single peeler in white
Two peelers in black
Two peelers in white
Two peelers - 1 black and 1 white

Cookie Cutters Stainless Steel Fruit Vegetable Shape Cutter

For cookies, bread, fondant, fruits, and veggies
Perfect for making bite-size food for kids
Instant decoration for food plating
Made of stainless steel
Easy to wash and use
Necessary for kitchen and restaurants

Dolmer Magic Roller Vegetable Rolling Tool

Multi-functional kitchen helper
Can be used as a spring roll, vegetable or sushi rolling tool
Made from food grade plastic making it safe to use
Comes in blue and white
Dimension: 37cm x 11.5cm x 9cm

Food Chopper Manual Vegetable Cutter

Lightweight and multifunctional; cuts, minces and grinds evenly
Use it to cut soft vegetables and herbs like onion, garlic, tomatoes, kale, and more
Perfect for creating salads, soups, and stews
Material: ABS and PS plastic + 304 stainless steel, silicone
Size: 8.5 x 12.5 x 8 cm/ Capacity: 500mL
Package Content: 1 x Food Chopper Manual Vegetable Cutter

Food Processor Vegetable Shredder

This food processor helps you slice, grate and shred vegetables conveniently
It has 3 interchangeable drum-type stainless steel blades: slicing rum, coarse shredder and grinding drum
It is a hand-operated tool that doesn't need to plug or use a battery for it to work.
Product details: Sucker lock, swing handle. large caliber container, auxiliary pusher, and vacuum chuck base
Materials: ABS, AS, rubber and stainless steel materials / Product weight: 0.5500 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Main Machine, 3 x Blade, 1 x Installation Manual

Hanging Vegetable Basket Three-Tier

This Hanging Vegetable Basket has three tiers that can hold multiple items inside it
It is a hanging basket that is easy to install and space-efficient as well
The basket has an open design that is breathable and prevents the produce from rotting
Material: Stainless Steel
Height: Approx. 90cm
Basket Diameters: approx. 28 cm, 25 cm, 23 cm
Package Contents:

3 x Chain
3 x Vegetable Basket
1 x Hook

Lettuce Spinner Vegetable Dryer

This Salad Dryer is suitable for washing and drying leafy vegetables used for salads
It is an all-in-one kitchen gadget that can be used to drain water and as a serving bowl
Made of food-safe material that is non-slip and convenient to use

Weight: 0.86 kg / Size: 25 x 22 cm

Material: ABS, PP, PS / Capacity: 5L
Package Contents:

1 x Drainage Basket
1 x Transparent Bowl
1 x Manual Rotary Cover

Mandolin Cutter Vegetable Slicer

Slice your ingredients faster and more effectively with the mandolin cutter
Has six different blades for different cutting shapes
Safe and ergonomic, it is also easy to clean afterward
Length: 32cm/ Width: 9 cm/ Blade length: 10cm/ Blade width: 4.5cm/ Box length: 20cm
Box width: 9cm/ Box height: 8.5cm
Variants: Mandolin Cutter, Mandolin Cutter with Box
Package per Variant:

Mandolin Cutter with Box:380g

1 x Red Mandolin Cutter Vegetable Slicer
1 x Hand Protector
1 x Storage Box
6 x Slicing Boards
1 x Peeler

Mandolin Cutter

1 x Mandolin Cutter Vegetable Slicer
1 x Hand Protector
6 x Slicing Board

Mesh Bag Drawstring Vegetable Storage

Reusable produce bags, beach bags, toy bags, etc

Flexible and lightweight, foldable and easy to store

Instant-close drawstring; light and washable

Material: Natural cotton mesh
Sizes: Small - 20 x 28 cm / Medium - 33 x 28 cm / Large - 43 x 28 cm
Package List:

1 x Reusable Mesh Bag