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Aluminium Pet Dog Wheelchair Walk Assistant Cart For Pet Dog Handicapped Hind Leg

Feature: 1. Height/length/width can be adjusted. 2. This toy can be taken apart and put together with ease. 3. Wheelchair is light and

Stick on Foot Pads Beach Walk Protection

A stick-on foot pad to keep your soles safe from sharp corals, stones, and sea creatures like stonefish and sea urchins
It is comfortable to use; it is almost like you are walking barefoot
It is foldable and you can easily carry it on your bag or pouch
Material: Silicone + Cloth
Product Variants:

S:21.5cm (EU 32~35/US 1.5~3.5)
M:23cm (EU 36~39/US 4~6.5)
L:24.5cm (EU 40~43/US 7~9.5)
XL:26cm (EU 44~47/US 10~11)

Package Content:

1 x Pair Stick-on Foot Pads