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300A Electrode Holder Stick Welder Copper Welding Rod Stinger Non-slip Handle Clamp Tool for Ship Factory Mining

Feature:-Heat resistant materials treated with special insulation -High temperature, non-conducting. -Engineering design -Thick and comfortable mango anti slip design -High

3KW High Power Spot Welder for 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Weld Spot Machine Spot Welding 0.2mm Nickel Plated Steel

Features:Large battery pack welding Cooling port Foot switch control Welding bracket adjustable Welding current adjustable (00-99) Pulse adjustable (00-06) Delay

4.2V Portable Spot Welder Kit Automatic Welding Tools Adjustable Mini Spot Welding Machine 0.12 Nickel Strip 18650 Battery

Description:The welding machine precisely controls the output current of the MOS tube through the single-chip microcomputer. A high temperature of

4V-12V Mini Spot Welder Welding Machine Energy Storage Spot Welder 18650 Battery Spot Welder

Description:Mini all in one spot welder, which is mainly to create a low-cost, convenient and portable one, the most people-friendly

5000W Adjustable Mini Spot Welding Machine Welder For 0.1-0.2Nickel Strip 18650 Battery Soldering Machine

Main Features: ● The spot welding machine has high power, fast heating speed and stable welding point. ● Maximum 0.2mm nickel strip

5000W Mini Spot Welder Kit DIY 18650 Battery Pack Welding Tools Portable Spot welding Machine Pen for 0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25mm Nickel Strip

Features:Small size, high power. The welding pin can be removed and replaced. Fully charged can spot weld thousands of solder

50W Spot Welder Plastic Welding Machine Car Bumper Repair Kit Welding Repairing Tool

Description:This product is suitable for repairing and reinforcing the plastic parts of all cars. Such as bumpers, dashboards, lamp holders,

5300mAh Spot Welder Portable 6 Gears Adjustable Mini Spot Welding Machine for 18650 Battery Spot Welding Tool Kit

Description:Compact size, lightweight and portable, easy to put into your pocket and carry around with you. 6 gears of output

5V 2A 5000mA Handheld Spot Welder for Portable Spot Welder Intelligent Spot Welder for Home Use

Description:Battery Capacity:5000mASoldering pen length:≥500mmMaterial of welding pen:copper +10AWG soft silica gel wire (copper has better conductivity than brass)Maximum discharge current:instantaneous