0-10000 Water Quality Testing Electrolyzer Quick Water Quality Testing Electrolysis Iron Bars Analyzers 110v/220v


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0-10000 Water Quality Testing Electrolyzer Quick Water Quality Testing Electrolysis Iron Bars Analyzers 110v/220v $14.99

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The water electrolyzer is to put an electric field into the water, which is composed of two positive and negative electrodes (iron rod and aluminum rod). After power on, the positive ions with positive charge are released from the iron rod and react with the negative electrolyte ions in the water. Forming water-insoluble metal clusters, and at the same time condensing and adsorbing colloidal/organic/inorganic substances in the water. And due to the action of electric current, the metal particles originally dissolved in water, such as lead, chromium, are reduced and gradually aggregated into metal clusters. Because different metal ions have different colors, color separation occurs.
So far, the known colors are as follows, for reference only:Green:arsenic (arsenic), chloroform, tetrachloromethane, copper oxide, divalent iron;
blue:bacteria,malignities, organic phosphorus (fertilizers, detergents and pesticides), aluminum sulfate;
red:monovalent azoth, trivalent iron Price iron;
White:lead, zinc, azoth, asbestos, calcium, mei;
black:heavy metals (lead, azoth, copper, chromium,  cadmium);
yellow:dissolved oxygen, trace ingredient, organic minerals.
1. Small size and easy to carry.
2. All white design, exquisite appearance.
3. It is safe to use and can be used with confidence.
4. The electrolysis result can be obtained within 30s, and the test speed is fast.
5. Use high-quality anti-corrosion shell, sturdy and durable, and long service life.
6. Equipped with four high-quality electrode rods, the detection data is accurate and clear.
Specifications:Type:Quick Water Quality AnalyzerColor:WhiteMeasuring range:0-10000Test items:heavy metals, total hardness, turbidity, salinity, organic matter, inorganic matter.
Package included:1 x Electrolyzer body
2 x Aluminum rod
2 x Iron rod
1. Do not put your fingers in the test water;
2. Do not allow children to play with the water electrolyzer;
3. Try to use transparent utensils, it is best not to use glass for water;
4. After the water electrolyzer is connected to the power supply, do not hold your hands on the electrodes of the water electrolyzer;
5. After the water electrolyzer is used up, use a dry cloth to wipe the electrodes dry, and use a fine gauze cloth to wipe off the iron and the water on the water electrolyzer rod, and keep it properly.