High Pressure 120W Car Power Washer Spray Water Guns Nozzle Hose Tips for Garden Wash

120W Car High Pressure Power Washer Spray Water Guns Nozzle Hose Tips Garden Wash
High Pressure 120W Car Power Washer Spray Water Guns Nozzle Hose Tips for Garden Wash

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Crafted from ‌durable ABS ⁢material, this car washing ⁣machine comes in a sleek black color. ⁢The model is ⁣powered‍ by a 12V car lighter, eliminating the need for a battery. It boasts‌ a power of 120W and a peak pressure of 20Bar/290PSI.⁣ The package⁤ includes the car washing machine, a water pipe, a car lighter,‌ two⁢ nozzles (0°⁣ and 40°), and an English manual for easy operation.

This wireless car washing machine is also made from robust ABS material ⁤and comes in a classic black color. The model is⁤ powered by⁢ a 24V lithium ⁤battery with a usage time of approximately 40 minutes. ​It has a power of 200W and a peak ⁤pressure of ⁣30Bar/435PSI.⁣ The dimensions ⁣are 35 x 20 ⁢x 6.5cm /13.78 x 7.87 x ‌2.56in.​ It operates⁤ on a voltage⁣ of‌ 100-240v (please ensure it is compatible ⁣with your local ‌voltage standard). The package includes the car ⁣washing machine, a water pipe, a battery, ⁤a battery charger,​ an extension rod, two nozzles (0° and 40°), a foam pot, and an English ​manual.

✅ The cordless design allows for cleaning anytime, anywhere.
✅ Ideal for car‍ washing, garden irrigation, ​and​ more.
✅ Easily switch the water type by ​replacing the nozzle.
✅ High-performance lithium battery eliminates the⁣ need‍ for dragging cords.
✅ Powerful‍ all-copper motor⁣ ensures faster and stronger​ operation.
✅​ Built-in fine filter for ⁢high-efficiency and deep filtering of water impurities, protecting the machine from damage.
✅ Perfect for outdoor use – simply plug the hose into a stream, bucket, or any water source to start washing your car.