12V 65Nm 3/8” Right Angle Electric Ratchet Wrench with 7PCS Sleeve and Li-ion Battery

12V 65Nm 3/8'' Electric Wrench Right Angle Ratchet Wrench With 7PCS Sleeve Li-ion W/ Battey
12V 65Nm 3/8'' Right Angle Electric Ratchet Wrench with 7PCS Sleeve and Li-ion Battery

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Immerse yourself in the compelling characteristics of this unique power tool:​ With a ‍robust ⁣motor that offers a significant torque amount of 65N.m ​coupled with​ a speed‍ of 260RPM, this Right Angle Wrench provides an‌ intense ⁤power punch while maintaining ‍safety measures ‍to⁤ prevent any damage ⁢caused by excessive motor temperature.

Experience​ the user-friendliness epitomized⁢ in its unique R/F positive and negative design that makes ‍disassembly a breeze. The vast‌ capacity of ‍the ⁢lithium battery ensures continuous power supply and an impressively long ‌battery lifespan. Reaching a​ fully charged ‌state​ within 60-80mins, this ‍device can ⁣keep ⁤going for a marathon duration of approximately 80mins.

It offers a 3/8” ⁢square head constructed with manganese steel, ensuring not only an accurate clamping⁤ of metal‌ balls but ⁢the ease of sleeve removal without detaching the tool. Its slim nose width of only 3cm is ideally suited for ‍operation within limited space, offering an optimum blend of ⁤electrical pre-tightening and manual fortification. ⁤

Whether you’re involved in truss installations,‍ building‍ a wedding‌ stage, fixing a ⁤car, ⁢or maintaining ⁣machinery,⁤ the ⁤versatility of uses makes‌ it an indispensable tool in your kit.

Product Name:⁢ Right Angle Wrench
Color: Yellow
Maximum Torque: ‌65N.m​
No-load Rotating Speed: ⁢230RPM ‌
Speed: 260RPM
Battery Voltage: 12V
Head Size: 3/8″(10mm) ‍
Angle: 90º
Product Size: 28*6cm/11*2.4inch
Uses: Truss installation, stage construction, ⁢car repair

Package ⁢Contents:
1⁤ x Right Angle ⁣Wrench Ratchet ⁤
1 x Charger
2 x‌ Lithium Ion Batteries
7 x Sleeve
1 ​x User Manual