High Pressure 12V Cordless Car Washer Spray Guns Water Cleaner with 1/2pcs Battery

12V High Pressure Cordless Car Washer Washing Spray Guns Water Cleaner With 1/2pcs Battery
High Pressure 12V Cordless Car Washer Spray Guns Water Cleaner with 1/2pcs Battery

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Introducing the High Pressure Cordless Washer Spray Water Cleaner, powered ‍by a ⁢12V Battery. This device is designed to make‌ your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

The washer is made from reinforced nylon, ⁤ensuring durability and longevity. It operates on a 12V‌ voltage and‍ has a rated ‌power of 160W. The peak pressure it can achieve is 22 BAR, with a flow load of 5L/Min. The‍ outlet pipe length is 5M, providing ample reach for various cleaning tasks.

We offer four different versions of this product:
#1: Standard Version with 1 Battery SET
#2: Standard Version with 2 Battery SET
#3: Upgraded Version with 1 Battery SET
#4: Upgraded Version with 2 Battery SET

Key Features:
This washer is designed for flexible use and ‍easy cleaning. It’s powered by a 12V li-ion battery, making it simple to control. It’s lightweight and convenient, with a long battery life. The⁢ user-friendly comfort⁣ handle​ ensures long-term grip is effortless. You can ​clean⁤ anywhere there is ‌water, including using a bucket, bottle, stream, or pool. The stainless steel fine screen offers high efficiency and deep filtration,⁤ ensuring‌ impurities in ⁣water are filtered out, thus prolonging the service life of the protection pump.

Safety Warning:
Please handle the‍ battery pack with care. Do not disassemble, open, or⁣ cut up the battery pack. Avoid short-circuiting the battery pack and do not expose it to heat sources or flames. Always ‍store it away from direct sunlight. Do not remove batteries from their original packing before use. Avoid causing mechanical impact to the⁤ battery.

Package Includes:
The Standard Version ⁤comes with a Portable Pressure Cleaner, 12V Battery Pack(s), Charger, 5M Filter Water Hose, Multi Function Sprinkler, and User Manual. The Upgraded Version includes all these, plus a Foam Kettle and a Stainless Steel Extension Rod.

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