1800W 220V Electric Planer with Dust Bag – Small Household Woodworking Tool Planer


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220V 1800W Electric Planer Small Household Woodworking Planer Woodworking Tool Planer W/ Dust bag
1800W 220V Electric Planer with Dust Bag - Small Household Woodworking Tool Planer $129.99

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Key Features:

1. Crafted from durable aluminium alloy, this tool is comfortable to grip and resistant to rust.

2. Equipped with a high-power copper motor, it’s designed to minimize heat and power loss, ensuring longevity.

3. The planer depth adjustment button allows for customization according to your specific needs.

4. A self-locking switch enhances safety and ease of operation.

5. Includes a dust collection design for a cleaner work environment.


Voltage: 220V

Power: 1800W

Frequency: 50 HZ

No-load speed: 16500rpm

Planing depth: 0-2MM

Motor: High temperature resistant copper motor

Shell material: Aluminum metal

Size: 28.4*16*17cm / 11.2*6.3*6.7inch

Application: Ideal for planing, chamfering and cutting all types of wood in construction, home decoration, carpentry workshops, field carpentry work, vehicles, shipbuilding, bridge construction and more.

Usage Tips:

1. Allow the electric planer to reach maximum speed before making contact with the wood.

2. Avoid excessive planing in one go; multiple passes are recommended.

3. If you’ve adjusted the planing depth, manually turn the planer a few times to ensure it doesn’t touch the base plate before powering on.

4. When replacing the blade or adjusting the depth of the front base plate, ensure the cutter shaft is idle and not touching any parts before plugging in the power supply.

Package Includes:

1 X Planer Set


We will provide a plug adapter suitable for your country.