220V Handheld Electric Drill Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Seal Ring Machine


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220V Handheld Electric Drill Bottle Capping Machine Cap Sealer Seal Ring Machine
220V Handheld Electric Drill Bottle Cap Sealing Machine Seal Ring Machine $69.99

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Product Name: Electric Bottle Capping ‌Machine

Description: This high-quality bottle capping machine is made​ from‍ a combination ​of sturdy plastic and metal. It comes in a vibrant red color, adding ⁤a pop of color‌ to your workspace. ‌The machine operates at a power⁢ of 80W and⁢ a voltage ⁣of⁣ AC 220V,⁤ 50/60HZ. It works ‍in an electric capping mode and ‌can cap bottles ⁣with diameters ranging from 10-50mm.‍ The machine’s torsion is 5-25kgf.cm, and it can cap bottles of any height. Depending on your proficiency, it can cap between 30 – ⁤90​ bottles per minute. The machine itself is 230mm/9.06” in length, and the cable length is ⁤178cm/70.08”.

Features: This bottle capping ⁢machine⁣ is designed for convenience and efficiency. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it ‌perfect for ‍both‌ tightening and loosening a variety of screw caps.⁣ It’s ideal for⁣ high-strength bottle capping work, with a single production capacity of 30-90 bottles​ per minute. The adjustable clutch can effectively prevent cap damage and reduce wear ⁢and tear. Once the cap is ‌tightened, the capping head stops rotating, ‍allowing‍ you ⁤to ‌move on to the next bottle seamlessly.

Operation: To use, simply choose a rubber that fits your caps and insert it into the capping ⁢head. The capping head is made up of the head itself and a rubber socket, which can be easily disassembled and reassembled.

Instruction: To assemble, press down the ‍head while inserting the ⁢connective shaft. Once you​ release the pressure, the shaft‍ will lock into place. Insert the shaft into the hole of the capping head and tighten ⁣the locking screw. You can also easily change the direction of screwing by shifting⁣ the button.

Package Included: The package includes 1 Bottle Capping Machine, 2 Aluminum Cap Covers, 6 Silicone ⁤Pads,‍ 1 Spring Balancer, 1 M5 Allen Wrench, 1 EU Plug Adapter, 1 English Manual, and other screw accessories.

More Details: Please refer to the images below for a closer look at the product.