manual concrete drill
25V Hollow Manual Concrete Drill 16.8V Electric Screwdriver Drill Tool
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25V Hollow Manual Concrete Drill 16.8V Electric Screwdriver Drill Tool


25V hollow manual concrete drill 16.8V electric screwdriver drill tool soft rubber concrete electric drill electric screwdriver


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25V hollow manual concrete drill 16.8V electric screwdriver drill tool is an electric drill tool with beautiful appearance and strong practicability, which can be used to help people drill through some hard concrete materials. There are two types of electric drills to choose from, including manual concrete drill and electric screwdriver, which can make people’s life more convenient, Reduce the pain of refitting or decorating a room.

manual concrete drillElectric Drill: Cool appearance, double color matching and drill detail design.

This electric drill adopts two-color matching in appearance, which is composed of black and blue. This color collision not only maintains the handsome characteristics of the electric drill itself, but also builds a bridge between practicality and beauty. The drill bit part of this electric drill is black, which is easy to be influenced by the color of operation. Secondly, the body part is blue, which is like putting on a battle suit, with a sassy and heroic posture. In the part of the handle, the two colors are fused to achieve the two peaks of professionalism and beauty. The two colors reflect and collide with each other, which greatly improves the appearance fashion of this product. The second is in its detail design. The variable speed design of switch improves the usage of electric drill. When people use it, they don’t have to worry about the problem that the wall or object can’t be modified due to the inappropriate speed. Variable speed design gives people the right to choose the right speed to complete the work. Secondly, the soft rubber design can not only slow down the impact of the drill itself, but also block part of the danger. There are also cooling holes and two speed switch settings, making this product even more powerful.

electric screwdriver drill

Two different volt products and the choice of flashlight.

There is a limited range of voltage and current that the product can withstand in different volt current. In the face of some low voltage power supply, the use of high-power tools can not play its real role, or not at all. Secondly, in the decoration, when we need low-power tools, we will also get into trouble, so this product has set up two types of electric drills with different power, 25V and 16.8V, for people to choose. Secondly, a manual adjustment of the drill, a lithium battery with electronic digital display of the electric screwdriver, you have to see after the purchase Oh!


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