30pcs Grinding Polishing Wheel Set 1/8 Inch Shank Saw Blade and Cutting Discs


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30pcs Grinding Polishing Wheel Set 1/8 Inch Shank Saw Blade and Cutting Discs
30pcs Grinding Polishing Wheel Set 1/8 Inch Shank Saw Blade and Cutting Discs $14.99

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Description:10pcs 22mm Diamond Coated Saw Blade 9 Holes Cutting Discs with 2pcs Mandrel
5pcs 22/25/32/35/44mm Circular Wood Cutting Saw Blade Discs with 1pc Mandrel
10Pcs 32mm Resin Cutting Wheel Disc with 2pcs Mandrel
Diamond Cutting Disc Specification:Material:Carbon steel
Disc Diameter:Approx. 0.87inch/22mm
Disc Thickness:Approx. 0.02inch/0.60mm
Shaft Length:Approx. 1.42inch/36mm
Shaft Diameter at Top:Approx. 0.18inch/4.5mm
Shaft Diameter at Bottom:Approx. 0.12inch/3mm
Coating:Dual sided and edge
Compatibility:The majority of rotary and air tools, including Dremel
Saw Blade Specification:Material:Stainless steel
Diameter:22mm/0.86″ ,25mm/0.98″,  32mm/1.25″, 35mm/1.37″, 44mm/1.73″
Inner Diameter:6.35mm/0.25″
Length of Mandrel:52mm/2″
Shank Size:3mm/0.11″
Arbor Size:6mm/0.25″
Resin Cutting Wheel Specification
Discs Dia
Mandrel Size
37 x 2mm
Features:Diamond Cutting Discs:- The 10pcs double sided diamond cutting discs with arbour.
– Ideal for Cutting Gemstones,Glass,Ceramics,Porcelain,Tiles,Carbide,Rocks,Aluminium and Copper.
– The discs are super-thin making them perfect for making slots and slits and coated on both sides as well as around the edge.
Saw Blade:- High-speed steel blade set accurate, fast, precision cutting.
– Cutting speed, long life, accurate cutting.
– For cutting:wood, PVC pipe, soft metal, plastic, aluminum, glass steel, copper, thin sheet metal and so on.
Resin Cutting Wheel:- It is durable,safe and efficient,can be easily attached to the rotary tools.
– Ideal for cutting all kinds of metal,cutting bolts or screws or removing rusted or stripped bolts and  screws by making slots in them.
– Come with a 2mm mandrel for mounting in compatible hobby tools with the same sized chuck.
– Use with dremel rotary tools, for cutting metal/plastic/fiber/wood,etc.
Package Included:10pcs x  Diamond Cutting Disc
10pcs x Saw Blade
5pcs x Resin Cutting Wheel
5pcs x Mandrel
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