Aerial Yoga Swing Full Set


Self-install aerial Yoga swing with three adjustable height levels and six handles
From durable “parachute” cloth material that’s very durable yet light and breathable
With regular use, it helps decompress the spinal cord, improve flexibility, improve blood circulation, strengthen the core and upper limbs
Material: Nylon Taffeta (Parachute cloth) /Screw Rings Material: 304 Stainless Steel / Belt Material: High-Strength Polyester
Load Capacity: 300 kg / Size: 250 x 150 cm
Net weight: 1650 g / Extension Belt and Rings: 400 g / Hammock: 1200 g
Package Content:

1 x Yoga Main Hammock
2 x Assistant Hammock with Handle
4 x Carabiner
2 x Expansion Screw Rings
2 x 1m Extending Belt

Aerial Yoga Swing Full Set
Aerial Yoga Swing Full Set $88.90

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Aerial Yoga Swing Full Set
Yoga is a relaxing and meditating exercise. It involves full-body movements that range from basic to very complex yoga poses. What’s interesting about Yoga is that it’s more than just an exercise. It has health benefits such as a more relaxed body, a calm mind, better breathing control, and it improves your blood flow. Moreover, Yoga is also a good core exercise. You see, as you exert effort to hold the pose, you also push your muscles to its limit. Thus, you develop more toned muscles as you continue with your Yoga. This aerial yoga swing lets you do more complex yoga poses while you are “floating”. It’s like a hammock with handles that you use to keep yourself off the ground. It’s definitely not for beginners because it requires skill to keep yourself off the ground using this yoga swing.
This Yoga swing comes in a complete set. With the swing, you will also get the hammock handles (2), carabiners, expansion screws, and an extending belt. Ideally, you install this swing in a durable steel beam or a strong roof or ceiling. The swing is from durable parachute material and has a carrying capacity of 300 kgs. You can adjust it in three different height levels. Moreover, this swing set has six handles to assist you in making your Yoga poses. The fabric is light and breathable so the air can easily pass through.
Health Benefits
There are health benefits that you can only get from doing aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga helps decompress your spinal cord. It’s ideal to use if you spend long hours sitting in front of your computer at work. At least once a week you need to decompress your spinal cord from sitting for long periods of time. Moreover, it also makes you become more flexible and it improves blood circulation. It also helps strengthen your upper limbs and core muscles.