Air Popcorn Maker Kitchen Appliance


Enjoy delicious and fresh popcorn while watching your favorite movies at home using this
This is easy and convenient to use and can prepare your popcorn in no time at all
It has a compact size that is perfect for using to make popcorn for parties or movie marathons
Material: Metal / Power: 1200W 110V
Size: 27 x 12 x 11cm
Package Contents:

1 x Air Popcorn Maker Kitchen Appliance
1 x Manual

Air Popcorn Maker Kitchen Appliance
Air Popcorn Maker Kitchen Appliance $39.90

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Air Popcorn Maker Kitchen Appliance
The best way to enjoy watching movies is by having some snacks along with it. While you watch your favorite movie, you can eat some good snacks to make it better. Consequently, when going to cinemas to watch movies, people usually buy snacks first before going to the cinema. The same way when watching your favorite films at home. You can enjoy it better while eating something. Now, what better snack eat when watching movies than popcorn. This snack is a classic when it comes to watching movies in the cinema or at home. So, if you want to watch movies together with your family in the comfort of your own home, then make sure not to forget having popcorn. By having thus air popcorn maker, you can now easily make popcorn yourself at home. This will then complete and make your movie-watching experience better.
Convenient to Use
You can make popcorn in no time if you have this air popcorn maker in your kitchen. With this, you can turn corn kernels to fresh and delicious popcorn and serve it to your family. To do so, simply put the corn kernel in it and turn on the popcorn maker. In no time, the kernels will turn into popcorn and will come out on the mouth of this popcorn maker. This is very easy to use that anybody can expertly do this. More so, this is perfect if you are planning in having a movie marathon with the family or your friends. Also, this is ideal for parties as well so you can server delicious popcorn.
Safe Popcorn Maker
There are no dangerous popcorn popping with this one and is perfectly safe to use. This is easy to clean as well so you can use it for the next time you are making popcorn.