Bicycle Mirrors Wide-Angle Rearview


These Rearview Bicycle Mirrors provide a wide angle for a clear vision
It is easy to install and suitable for 15 to 35 mm-sized handlebars
It has a 360-degree rotation; it is easy to clean and doesn’t fog easily
Frame Material: ABS Plastic Casing / Mirror Material: Mirror Glass
Mirror Diameter: 8 cm/ Total Length: 14 cm
Package contents: 1 x Bicycle Mirror Wide-Angle Rearview

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Bicycle Mirrors Wide-Angle Rearview
Bicycle Mirrors Wide-Angle Rearview $19.99

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Bicycle Mirrors Wide-Angle Rearview
Upgrade your bikes with the Bicycle Mirrors! It is a wide-angle rearview mirror that’s it suitable for all models of bicycles! Each package comes with a bicycle mirror which has a total length of 14 cm. Also, the diameter of the mirror is 8 cm, which is just about the right size to see clearly. The bike mirror has an ABS plastic casing and a glass surface which is smooth and easy to clean. It is essential to keep the mirrors free from dirt and fog; otherwise, it will hinder your vision and might even be the cause for accidents.
Easy to Install
Most bicycles don’t come with mirrors. Unlike motorcycles and cars, you’d have to look at your backside when using bikes personally. But even if you claim to be very confident in driving bikes already, it only takes a second to lose your focus and crash into something. Who knows, the moment you turn to look at your back something unexpected happens. To get rid of that risk altogether, you should get rearview mirrors. It is easy to install on the handlebars and suitable for 15 – 35 mm sizes. Also, it has a lock on its base that will secure the mirror in place and allow easy disassembly too.
360-Degree Rotation
The best part about it is that it has a 360-degree rotation. You can turn it sideways, upwards, or at any angle that provides you with the best view. That way, you can position the mirror in a way that you are most comfortable to drive with. Remember that when you’re on the road, bikes are the most vulnerable because of their size and its very open design, unlike cars. You have to protect and keep yourself safe in any way that you can. Get this Bicycle Mirrors Wide-Angle Rearview now, and one thing’s for sure, you won’t regret it!