Book Holder for Desk Reading Stand


This book holder is what you need to read comfortably by positioning and holding your book up
It has an anti-skid back support that supports the weight of the book so it does not slide down
This stand has book support that securely holds the book together so it does not fall
Material: ABS + PP
Size: 210 x 160 mm or 8.27 x 6.3″
Package Content:

1 x Book Holder for Desk Reading Stand

Book Holder for Desk Reading Stand
Book Holder for Desk Reading Stand $13.99

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Book Holder for Desk Reading Stand
As a student, you are bound to read plenty of books and texts to study. Not to mention there are plenty of exams and tests that you have to study for. And unless you read the books then you cannot study for the things that will come out in your tests and exams. Overall, if you are a student then you will really need to get accustomed to reading your books. So, make sure that you can read comfortably so you can really understand what you are reading. So, use this book holder for-desk so you can position your book well. More so, this will become your new best friend when it comes to studying because you can read your materials and books better. Also, this is a perfect gift for book lovers so they can have something to hold their book while they read. This will encourage reading.
Anti-Skid Pad
Books can vary in sizes and weight and some are heavier than the others. So, you need a book stand that can withstand and securely support the weight of your book. Unlike other book display stands, this one does not slide when the book is too heavy. Consequently, it has anti-skid padding support on the back which supports and holds the stand on its place. This anti-skid pad does not slide when pushed by the weight of your book. With this, you won’t have to hurt your neck when having to look down all the time when reading since this holder can hold up your book.
Book Support
This display stand has foldable book support that you can use. When this book stand is not in use, you can fold this support so it is easier for you to keep this. Overall, this has a very convenient and helpful function and design for students and book lovers.