Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm


An LCD-ready carbon monoxide detector that displays the build-up of carbon monoxide
Has an 85dB alarm that will sound off once the display reaches past 200PPM
Consumes low power at DC4.5V
Requires 3 x AAA batteries
Package contents:
1x Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm (batteries not included)
1x user manual

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm
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Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm
Carbon monoxide poisoning is another thing to worry about once your house caught on fire. It may lead to severe consequences even before the fire engulfs your dwelling. It’s why having the Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm is best for your household.
Secure Your Home
When it comes to your home, you need to protect it as much as you defend yourself. That also goes double if you have a family at home. Protection from burglaries, assailants, and accidents could mean measures. Accidents or tripping wires can cause problems but none like gas leakage that could take away so much. And because not every family has insurance, the more ways you need to think of to be safe. Investing in a good security alarm for your safety is always a good choice. The Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm is one of the best ways to anticipate any further damage it could do for your family and property. It has an LCD feature that shows the concentration of carbon monoxide. Because it is an odorless form of gas, it is essential that you have a detector that can also tell you how much it’s been building up.
Smart Features That Can Help You
It makes a great warning device that could help you make any further measures so you can ask for help from the right authorities. Created with an advanced electrochemistry technology that can immediately detect the gas. It has a low power consumption and micro-control unit. The carbon monoxide detector is WiFi-enabled, has a voice-prompting, and an alarm sound of 85dB. When the LED reaches past 200PPM, it will sound an alarm loud enough for the neighbors to hear so that they can get to safety, too. It has a working power of DC4.5v and runs on three AAA batteries. Nowadays, you can never be too sure so get your Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm. Place it at places in your home where water heaters leakages may happen or in areas where there is poor air circulation.