Cuticle Cutter Nail Manicure Tool


This Cuticle Cutter is perfect for both nail salons and home use
It has a plastic handle which is non-slip and easy to clean
Has a fine edge for more accuracy and precision when cutting cuticles
Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Size: 10.6 x 6.3cm
Package Contents:

1 x Cuticle Cutter

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Cuticle Cutter Nail Manicure Tool
Cuticle Cutter Nail Manicure Tool $9.90

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Cuticle Cutter Nail Manicure Tool
Maintain nice nails with this Cuticle Cutter Nail Manicure Tool! It is easy to use and suitable for home use and nail salons! Getting a manicure needs more than just changing your nail polish. Aside from cleaning cutting the nails, you need to cut the cuticles as well. Cuticles are excess skin that feels rough and hard on the fingers. However, you can’t just any tool such as a regular nail cutter for it. It is small and is often in the narrow corners of your fingers. If you use a big tool, you might end up cutting yourself instead. That is why you need a cuticle cutter.
Fine Trim
The advantage of using a cuticle cutter is that it allows a fine trim. That way, you can cut more precisely and with more accuracy. Using a tool with a large tip would be overkill and can do more harm than good. The advantage of a fine tip is that you can cut the cuticles little by little. It is more ideal to do it that way than cutting off a big chunk at once. This can also help you shape the nails better and improve how they look.
Easy to Use
The best part is that it is easy to use and therefore, easier to control. You simply have to grip the handles and the cuticle cutter will start cutting. This is perfect for beginners because you can just apply a little force if you’re not so sure yet. That way, you can avoid accidentally cutting your fingers. Also, it has a plastic casing which makes the handles non-slip. Unlike metals, plastics don’t get slippery fast so it is more comfortable to grip. It also comes in a small size which you can carry easily and conveniently.