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Diamond Core Drilling Machine 2000W with Wet/Dry Concrete Drill and Nozzle Bits


2000W Diamond Core Drilling Machine Drill Wet/Dry Concrete Machine Nozzle Bits
Diamond Core Drilling Machine 2000W with Wet/Dry Concrete Drill and Nozzle Bits $99.99$189.99

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Introducing ‌the 2000W Diamond ‍Core Drilling ⁣Machine, a high-powered tool designed for efficiency and safety. This machine boasts⁤ a robust design that ⁢can⁤ easily drill through brick, making it an ⁢essential tool for any construction or renovation‍ project.

One of the standout features⁤ of this machine is its waterless seal design. It ‍uses a copper ⁣pipe to supply water,​ allowing ‍for both dry and wet drilling. This means you can work on dry bricks for extended periods⁣ without any⁢ issues.

The machine also features a non-slip handle design, ensuring a firm ⁣grip while working. You won’t have to worry about losing control of the machine ⁤during operation.

Safety is a top priority with ⁣this drilling machine. It comes with a ⁤safety clutch‌ that doesn’t reverse when it hits a⁣ hard object, ⁤preventing ⁢any potential injuries.⁤ Additionally, it has an overload ‌protection⁤ device that automatically trips when the machine is overloaded, protecting the motor from burning out.

The machine⁤ also offers a stepless speed ⁤change switch for ‍easy‌ hand control.⁢ The‌ handle​ can be installed ⁣in ​multiple directions ⁣for added convenience.

– ⁣Name: 2000W Diamond ⁢Core ​Drilling​ Machine
– Material: Plastic & Metal
– Rated Voltage: 220V
– Power: 2000W
– No-load speed: 2000 rpm
– Maximum Brick Hole: 180mm

Package Included:
Depending on⁢ the style⁢ chosen, the package includes the Diamond Core​ Drilling Machine, water nozzle, a pair of gloves, ⁣a 5M water pipe, ⁤a ​water pump, and a manual. Some styles also include ⁢a stir bar or different ‌sizes‌ of drill‌ bits.