Digital Display Hot Air Guns Machine with Adjustable Temperature, 1600W/2000W Heat Soldering Tool


1600W/2000W Digital Display Hot Air Guns Machine Adjustable Temperature Heat Soldering Tool
Digital Display Hot Air Guns Machine with Adjustable Temperature, 1600W/2000W Heat Soldering Tool $46.99$49.49

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Introducing our range of high-performance⁢ hot air machines, available in four different ⁣models:

1. LED 2000W
2. LED 1600W
3. Basic type 2000W
4. Basic type‌ 1600W

These ⁢machines come with a power option of either 1600W or 2000W. The models are CS-9616A (Basic type) ​and CS-9616B (LED type). They operate‌ at a working voltage⁤ of 220-240V and feature an LED screen for easy viewing.

The temperature range of these‌ machines is 100~650°C, with ‍two-speed ⁢temperature regulation.⁤ The ⁢product size⁤ is 25x6x20cm/9.8×2.4×7.9”.

Key Features:

1. Intelligent digital display for constant ⁢temperature adjustment. The built-in CPU temperature control panel allows for precise control, and the temperature ‍is easily visible. The switch comes with 2-speed speed control.

2.⁢ 650°C accurate temperature control. The high-performance CPU allows for 100~650°C accurate temperature control, making it easy to handle different working environments. The intelligent temperature control ensures efficient operation.

3. Double core heating‍ temperature regulation. ‌The large core ⁢heats quickly, while the small core regulates⁢ the​ constant temperature. The machine also features ​a built-in temperature overload protector.

4. The switch comes with a 2-gear wind speed and temperature ⁢control. The machine tail features a stepless temperature control knob,​ which can be rotated to achieve 100~650°C constant temperature control.

5. Functions include Overload Protection, Double Heating core, Intelligent Digital ⁢Display, Wind Speed Adjustable, Rapid Temperature Rise, Stepless Speed Regulation, and Turbine Air​ Supply.

Each package includes:

1. Hot Air Machine
2. Nozzle

Please note: High-temperature work should not be directly shut down. ‌First, ​reduce the ‍temperature⁣ to⁢ the lowest exhaust heat before shutting ‍down to ⁢extend the service life of the machine.

For more details, please refer to ​the images below: