Dishwasher Toys Children Play Better Cute Sink Toys By Hand
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Dishwasher Toys Children Play Better Cute Sink Toys By Hand


Dishwasher children cute creativity interesting education learning life simulation interesting kitchen toys educational toys

SIZE: 28pcs with box:40cm×26cm×33cm

        16pcs with box:34.5cm×25cm×28cm


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Dishwasher toys children manually play a very cute sink toys educational toys are the full of fun dishwasher cooking toys. It has many components, such as a sink for washing dishes, a stove for cooking, and a storage area for placing dishes and chopsticks. The whole toy vividly presents the pool in the kitchen perfectly, so that children can experience different fun.

hfasjkhajkfhasl1Rich functional areas let children experience the small world in the kitchen.

Dishwasher in our daily life plays a clean role, let our small home clean and tidy. And its components are richer, and together they make up the small world of dishwasher. In the process of playing, children can not only feel the atmosphere in the kitchen, but also have a positive impact on children’s habit of clean and easy cleaning. So it has a certain educational function. This educational toy is divided into four parts, one is the sink. The child poured water into the sink through the pipe. Children can clean some of their small toys, can also develop good at using water and cherish the moral of water. The second is the cooking stove. First of all, it doesn’t really use fire, but plays a role. Children can imitate and make delicious meals on this stove, and experience their sense of accomplishment after cooking. Also can let the child develop the good habit of self-supporting. Then there is the placement area. After cleaning the kitchen utensils, the children should put them in the right place and learn to tidy them up. In the process of imitation, children will also have a correct understanding of putting kitchenware. Then there is the drying area, where children have no idea how to store wet kitchenware, so this drying area can guide children how to place them correctly. Generally speaking, the dishwasher has a positive effect on children’s overall education and guidance.

The colorful colors and shapes of kitchen toys enrich children’s image world.hfakjhkjagka

The items in the kitchen are the most distinctive and abundant. Every bottle has its own characteristics. When children face these educational toys, they will leave all kinds of shapes and memories in their minds. The same is true for this educational toys. There are many small cups and bowls in it. They are different in size and shape. This is particularly important for children to form a rich variety of image information in their minds. When a child is illiterate, these images will let the child understand the name and function of everything. Secondly, with the input of these images, the children’s imagination will be opened accordingly, and the creativity and imagination will be improved. Moreover, the colors of these toys are different. Children can distinguish objects by color, or improve the ability of eye color discrimination by observing color.

Exercise children’s full use of the role of each toy.

Every toy has its corresponding function. For example, in this educational toy, there will be some small brushes and rags. Children need to understand his role, through their own hands to complete the cleaning of toys. The faucet in this educational toy has a 360 degree rotation, which is convenient for children to clean things in every direction. In the process of using, children must understand the specific function of each toy. Make full use of the function to complete the whole cooking process. This is not only the thinking of the brain, but also the coordination of hands and brain for children.


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Dimensions 40 × 26 × 33 cm

Pink 22pcs with box, Blue 22pcs with box, Pink 28pcs with box, Blue 28pcs with box, Pink 16pcs no box, 8pcs Cutting toys

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