Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome


A practical dog peeping window for your fence in a bubble-dome-like design
It discourages your dogs from jumping off the fence and lessens their aggressive barking
It gives your dog a good view of their surroundings; They’ll be able to greet you when you get home
Material: Acrylic / Size: 12.4 x 4.69 inches / Thickness: 0.15 inches / Inner Diameter: 9.8″
Package Content:

1 x Dog Window
4 x Mounting Screws

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Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome
Dogs are natural hunters. That explains why they love to pop their heads out from the fence. They are natural “guards” that is why they lurk around the area to see whether there are strangers nearby. Dogs are also on the look-out for other dogs, like your neighbor’s dogs or passersby that are walking their dogs. However, it’s not safe to allow your dogs to go out of the fence. One reason is that they might bite strangers and might get into a fight with other dogs! Another reason is that they might not remember their way back to your house or worse, strangers might get them. They might also get hit by a fast car passing by. So, it’s best to keep dogs inside your fence and just install this dog fence window. This dog window is a clear bubble-dome-like window that you install on your fence.
Makes Dogs Happy
Dogs are agitated because they cannot see what’s going on on the other side of the fence. So, when you install this dog fence window, they will be able to see what’s out there while still staying indoors! This dog window will reduce the chance of them barking whenever they hear an unfamiliar noise. Moreover, they’ll be kinder to your mailman, or to your friendly neighbor because they’ll be able to see them often now that you have this dog window. This dog window also discourages your dogs from jumping over the fence because they have a better viewing area. It’s a lovely window for your dogs, and you’ll wish you had it installed earlier.
Waiting Window
Imagine coming home and you see your dog’s head peeping in the dog window. Won’t that make your heart melt? With this dog window, your dogs will have a chance to wait for you at the fence! They will be the first to greet you as soon as you get home!

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