Dog Recovery Collar Pet Health Accessory


A cone-like collar that you wear around your dog’s neck
Adjustable Velcro strap for a more comfortable fit; Soft, breathable, and foldable material
Prevents your dogs/cats from scratching fresh surgery wound
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1 x Dog Recovery Collar

Dog Recovery Collar Pet Health Accessory
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Dog Recovery Collar Pet Health Accessory
For some people, pets are more like family. For some couples who do not have offsprings, they treat dogs as if it was their own children. However, the sad reality is that dogs age a lot faster than humans do. In fact, studies show that the first dog year is equivalent to 15 human years! That is why the maximum age for a small breed dog is just about 15 years max. Some dogs are lucky enough to cross this age, but for most dogs, they already develop certain illnesses due to their old age around this time. Common dog surgeries include that of an ear infection or an eye cataract/infection. However, after the surgery, the wound will still take time to heal. That is why you need this dog recovery collar for your dogs.
Pet Health
Just like humans, a dog’s fresh wound from the surgery will take time to heal. Some wounds will take around a month or two on average depending on how fast your dog recovers. During this period, it is important that they do not scratch the would at all costs. Doing so will only worsen the wound, thus it will take longer to recover, or worse, it gets infected. That is why it important that they use this recovery collar. This collar is a cone-like collar that helps the surgery wound heal faster. You wear this collar on your dog’s neck. This collar prevents them from scratching their fresh wounds. So, it heals faster and most importantly, it does not get further infected by external dirt.
This collar is very comfortable to use. The collar is from a soft plastic material so they can sleep comfortably even when wearing it. Moreover, it also does not restrict or block their breathing so they will still breathe normally with it.