Drawing Mannequin Set Art Supplies (2 pieces)


The Drawing Mannequin Set is ideal for manga sketching, realistic drawings, paintings and more
It has over 30 articulated joints which allow easy changing of poses
It has intricate details of the face and muscles which helps artists make realistic art pieces
Material: PVC/ Size: Approx. 13-15cm
Package Contents:

1 x Female Body Drawing Mannequin
1 x Male Body Drawing Mannequin

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Drawing Mannequin Set Art Supplies
Improve your drawings with this Drawing Mannequin Set! These are must-have art supplies for both professional and aspiring artists! Almost all artists need some reference to make realistic art pieces. Especially for beginners, a drawing reference is important to make accurate scaling of the subject. Drawing straight from imagination is possible but often causes mistakes. This is especially true in hyperrealism. It’s because the artist has to draw the position of the subject in the life-like way possible. Here’s why a drawing mannequin is essential.
Multi-Purpose Art Model
A drawing mannequin is like an action figure except that it has flexible limbs. Because of this, you can change the posture or pose of the model to use it as a reference. This is very helpful in drawing mangas or dynamic illustrations. It’s quite easy to draw a person standing straight. It can be challenging to imagine how exactly a person looks in different positions. A person’s angle changes when running, laying down, and more. That’s why a mannequin is important so you can make sure the limbs are positioned. Also, you can use it to draw the body proportions. This is a common problem that artists face where one limb is longer, and the entire drawing looks awkward.
Easy to Use
One advantage of this model, as compared to others, is that it has intricate details. It is high-quality, and it has details of the face and muscles. Most mannequins are flat, and the artist would have to draw the faces out of imagination. Another good thing about it is that it has over 30 articulated joints. They allow easy bending of limbs or changing positions. Each mannequin has a hole on its back, so you can attach it to a stand if needed.

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