DX50A High Power Laser Spot Welder Pulse Spot Welding Touch Welding Machine with Jewelry Equipment


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Description:Spot welder can be used for platinum, gold, K gold, silver, steel, rapid welding, ring, melon button, precision wire soldering, direct soldering without solder powder. Solder joints are smooth.
Using the principle of plasma high-frequency discharge, a molten pool is formed instantaneously in the metal welding joint
Adjust the output power according to the different sizes of the wires
The welded workpiece is smooth, firm, fast, and efficient.
Specificaton:Power:220V 50/60HZ
Maximum current up to:50A
Dimensions:340 x 320 x 320MM
Installation:1. The electrode is connected to the output negative pole, and the electrode holder is connected to the output positive pole.
2. The tungsten needle can be sharpened on the grinder and operated by the principle of tip discharge.
3.  Tungsten needle diameter 1.5mm.
Steps:1. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch.
2. Adjust the power knob, which is divided into coarse adjustment and fine adjustment. The scale value can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the work requirements.
3. Hold the workpiece with tweezers. The workpiece interface is aligned with the tungsten needle (the optimal distance is 5mm). The workpiece cannot be touched.
4. Use your foot to step on the foot switch. (Remove your foot). Spot welding is complete.
Precautions:1. The foot can’t step on the foot switch for a long time. If you step on it, if the machine is in a short circuit, it will burn out the internal circuit.
2. Please use this machine for precision.
3. Flash is harmful to the eyes, please take protective measures when using.
4. When stepping on the foot switch, do not touch the metal parts of the tungsten needle and the tweezers at the same time, otherwise there will be a needle sensation.
5. Non-professionals please do not dismantle, there is high pressure.
Package Included:1 x DX50A High Power Welding Machine
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