Ear Wax Vacuum Electronic Remover


Clean your ears more effectively by using this ear wax vacuum
Has a good narrow edge that collects the ear wax efficiently and a strong vacuum to remove it
Easy to clean the collected ear wax from the vacuum
Material: ABS
Size: approx. 2.5cm x 13 cm (diameter x length)
Battery: 1x AAA
Package Contents:

1 x Ear Wax Vacuum Electronic Remover (battery not included)
1 x Brush
2 x Replacement heads

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Ear Wax Vacuum Electronic Remover
Ear Wax Vacuum Electronic Remover $19.93

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Ear Wax Vacuum Electronic Remover
Ear wax buildup can cause you to have hearing problems. Over a period of time, you will start to notice that your ear will get dirty again. This is because of the natural ear wax that accumulates over time. Although this wax isn’t generally dirty, it can cause problems if you do not clean it. More so, cleaning it with q-tips can actually do you more hard than good. It pushes the wax in rather than out and thus clogging the ear canal. Many experts discourage the use of q-tips to clean the ears as again it can be harmful. So, use this ear wax vacuum in order to thoroughly clean your ears. This is a safe and effective tool and a way for you to remove those ear wax. Clean ears will definitely improve not only your health but your hearing as well.
Soft Ear Spoon and Vacuum
The edge of this cleaner uses a tiny and narrow edge to effectively collect wax and dirt from the inside of the ears. It also has an angled spoon tip thal allows it to collect the dirt more easily. That way, you won’t have to keep on repeating the same area over again. More so, it has just the right vacuum strength to collect the ear wax. Moreover, it won’t get stuck in the middle of the vacuum because it can effectively suck it out cleanly. This is a perfect, safe, and more effective alternative to the use of your regular q-tips.
Easy to Clean
This vacuum is easy to clean because the ear wax that it gets is collected to one are. And from there, you can easily remove them and clean it. Now, you can always have a clean tool that you can use to clean your ears.