Electric Stirrer Mini Hand Mixer


A small, handheld, cord-less electric stirrer that is very convenient to use
It’s great for stirring drinks, sauces, eggs, batters, and other
It’s ideal for frothing coffee, cappuccino, and milk
Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel
Power Source: 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Length: 19.5/ Bottom: 3.3cm/ Head: 2.2cm/ Nozzle Length: 9.2cm
Package Content:

1 x Mini Electric Stirrer

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Electric Stirrer Mini Hand Mixer
Electric Stirrer Mini Hand Mixer $14.41

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Electric Stirrer Mini Hand Mixer
Have you ever come to the bottom of your drink and find all the sugar there? It did not melt, it’s just sitting on the bottom of your mug. This happens because you did not stir your cup, or maybe, you did not stir it enough. This mini handheld electric stirrer aids you in stirring your drink. It’s a small electric tool that looks like a small whisk. It’s great for mixing drinks like coffee and milk because it makes you drink frothy. You cannot achieve the frothy texture if you use spoon alone to stir your drink, that is why you need this tool. This mini stirrer also works on eggs, so you can use it to beat eggs. Moreover, if you are mixing sauces on a simmering pan, you can use this stirrer too! It helps the heat distribute better so you do not burn the sauce.
Everybody wants everything instant. Instant this, instant that, because we do not want to wait. This electric mini stirrer is made for your convenience. It’s a handheld device so you can easily store it. It also does not have a cord that can get in the way with your stirring. Overall, it’s a very handy tool for mixing, beating and stirring. It has a long nozzle that can reach the bottom of a mug or a deep bowl. To power it, you need to use two AA batteries that you have to buy separately.
What makes this stirrer great is its simplicity. It’s not a complex tool, but a powerful and convenient one. In fact, it is very easy to use because it only has one on and off button. It also has a comfortable handgrip that does not stress your hand while you are holding the tool.