Fish Tank Magnet Cleaner Handheld Tool
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Fish Tank Magnet Cleaner Handheld Tool



This Fish Tank Magnet Cleaner effectively cleans both the inside and outside of the tank
It uses magnetic force to move the brush and it has a rough texture to scrub efficiently
The handle is comfortable to grip and its exterior is smooth for easy cleaning
Material: Magnetic Brush
Size: About 7 cm x 3.7 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Fish Tank Magnet Cleaner

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Fish Tank Magnet Cleaner Handheld Tool
Cleaning your fish tank doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore with this Fish Tank Magnet Cleaner Handheld Tool! It is convenient and easy to use! Aside from food, one thing you should always consider for your pet fishes is their home. You should keep it clean all the time because a dirty tank can make them sick. But the reason why many pet owners hate cleaning their tanks is that it takes a lot of time and effort. Even if you only need to scrub the sides, you would have to get your arms wet since you will submerge it in the water.
Double-Sided Cleaner
From now on, this fish tank magnet cleaner will make things more convenient for you. No need for you to dip your entire arm into the fish tank just to reach the bottom of it. It’s a good thing that this cleaner is a double-sided tool. It comes in two pieces wherein the other side will be on the outside of the tank and the other piece will be cleaning the inside. It uses a magnetic force to keep the two pieces together. As you move the outside piece, the piece inside it will follow and clean the tank as it goes. You can conveniently keep your hands outside while still getting the job done.
Comfortable Handle
Another advantage of using this tool is that it prevents dirt particles from floating all over the tank. As you scrub the sides, the particles will stick to the brush itself. This way, you can dispose of it later on and it won’t make the tank water dirty. Also, its handle is very comfortable to grip. You can control it without all the hassle and its exterior is smooth enough that you can clean it easily as well. The insides of the cleaner have a rough texture that allows it to scrub the glass efficiently.

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