Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle


The Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle is lightweight and easy to manipulate
It is flexible and moves along with movements gracefully; Offers great effects
Has a long handle which is comfortable to grip; Doesn’t tangle easily
Material: Silk, Ribbon
Size: approx 2m x 5cm
Rod Length: approx 30cm
Package Contents:

1 x Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle

Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle
Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle $15.61

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Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle
Level up your performance with this Gymnastics Ribbon with Handle! It is ideal for both professional and amateur gymnasts! If you’re looking for a great prop to use during your presentation, then this gymnastics ribbon is for. Gymnastics routines often involve a lot of leg-raising and other stunts which are very interesting to watch. However, over time, it can get boring and from a distance, it can be hard to appreciate their routine. One way to spice it up is by using colorful streamers. But it is important to make sure that your props will not hinder your performance in any way.
Flexible Ribbon
The good thing about this ribbon is that it is flexible so it will easily go along with your movements. The advantage of a flexible ribbon is that it is easy to manipulate. The last thing you want is a heavy prop because it will surely weigh you down so you can’t do your stunts properly anymore. There are six colors for you to choose from so you can have something that will match with your costume. It is of silk material so it is smooth and it will also reflect light as you move it. This will add to the effects and make your routine more attractive.
Easy-Grip Handle
The thing that makes this different from other ribbons is that it has an easy-grip handle. The handle is long enough for you to swing it over your head and around your body. One advantage of having a long handle is that it won’t tangle easily because it can spin farther from your body. Also, the ribbon is attached to a hook-like mechanism to the handle so it can spin around without limits. The handle itself is comfortable to grip so there are lesser chances that you let go of it mid-performance.