Heat Gun Torch for Plastic Welding: 1000W Split, Hot Air Welding Tool, 40-550℃, 2800Pa


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1000W Split Plastic Welding Heat Gun Torch Hot Air Welding Tool 40-550℃ 2800Pa
Heat Gun Torch for Plastic Welding: 1000W Split, Hot Air Welding Tool, 40-550℃, 2800Pa $70.99

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Product Specifications
Introducing the Plastic Welder, a tool that’s as versatile as it is powerful. This industrial hot air gun comes in the color shown in the pictures and operates at a robust 1000W. It’s designed for a rated voltage of 220V and offers a temperature range of 40-550℃. The wind pressure is 2800Pa, and the air volume is 0.3 M3/m. This device is powered by an AC power supply and is suitable for AC single phase and DC 50V and below.

Key Features
The Plastic Welder boasts impressive insulation performance. The “gun core”, “motor”, and “gun shell” can withstand 1500V AC voltage (50HZ) for a minute without any breakdown. Even after continuous use for 4 hours at 20 degrees, the handle temperature remains below 30 degrees.

The welding torch motor is a DC low voltage (24V) motor. Simply connect it to 220V AC, and you’re ready to weld, no air pump or pressure transformer needed. This product is ideal for welding plastic with a cross-sectional area of not more than 6 square millimeters.

This versatile tool is perfect for welding plastic sheets, equipment repair, and for drying instruments, dust, moisture, and motors. It’s an essential tool for anyone working with chemical plastics.

Usage and Safety Tips
When using the Plastic Welder for the first time, you may notice some smoke. Don’t worry, this is normal and will disappear after about 5 minutes. Always adjust the temperature to the lowest setting when you’re done using the torch and wait for it to cool down before storing it.

When welding, heat the plastic sheet to 130-140 degrees until it softens. Apply a little pressure to shape it. The ideal welding temperature is around 240 degrees. Keep the nozzle about 5-10MM from the welding mouth to maintain a temperature of 200-260 degrees.

If the electric wire breaks, you can unscrew the gun shell connection, remove the gun core, and replace it with a new one of the same specifications. Always handle the welding torch with care to avoid damaging the refractory porcelain material and causing a short circuit.

What’s in the Box?
Your purchase includes 1 Plastic Welder and 1 Plastic Pipe. We’ll also include an adapter that’s suitable for your country.