High quality corrugated cat scratch board cat toy


Designed with a comfortable sofa and high quality corrugated cardboard, this scratch board can help your cat polish nails, while away time and provide entertainment.

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High quality corrugated cat scratch board cat toy
High quality corrugated cat scratch board cat toy $33.70

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The need for a cat scratchboard

Cats have incredibly sharp claws, and in a domestic environment, most owners will have scratching boards for their cats. Scratching boards also play a significant role. It is one of the toys cats use to amuse themselves and kill time. When cats feel their nails are too long or their owners have clipped them, they feel uncomfortable and need to grab the scratching board. Cats naturally have a strong need to grind claws, usually nothing like everywhere scratching things, so it is necessary to provide cats with scratching boards.

Comfortable shape, environmental protection material

First of all, this cat claw board has a very creative shape in the overall appearance. It is designed as a comfortable sofa, with both ends slightly upturned. The vast size allows your cat to feel the joy of the product. Secondly, the scratchboard is made of high-density, environmentally friendly corrugated paper, making the product more durable. Natural, environmentally friendly materials do not harm your cat’s body or paws.

The scratching board lasts about 2-5 months. This depends on the number of cats in the home and the frequency of use. If the wear is severe, it should be replaced in time to avoid accidental eating. Cats’ claws are much sharper and more destructive than dogs’, and domestic cats have retained the same clawing behavior as wild cats. The potential value of using scratchboards in your home is to minimize scratching on furniture, leather sofas, chairs, etc.

It brings a lot of benefits to cats.

Owners don’t have to worry about their cat’s active interest. For some cats who don’t know how to use a scratching board, owners can hold the scratching board in front of their cats and make a noise by poking it with their hands to get their cats’ attention and interest in the scratching board. Put your cat’s paw on the scratchboard and let him scratch a few more times. It will strike itself next time.

There are many benefits to using scratchboards for cats. First of all, it can attract the cat’s attention and satisfy its desire to scratch and scratch. Second, scratching boards are primarily used to sharpen their claws and protect sofas and other furniture in the home. What’re more, cats use scratching boards to point their feet to help them catch prey.