Laptop Rucksack Computer Backpack


Sturdy backpack with thermostatic insulation that can withstand extreme heat and cold without letting it affect the contents
Multifunctional backpack that includes a USB charging port, large compartments, shoulder pockets, and back pockets
Compartments: Functional compartment bag with pocket inserts, sunglasses pouch, Clothing Bag, Laptop Bag, Back iPad storage
Enclosure: Sturdy Zipper Enclosures, Trolley Strap or Buckle
Material: Splash-proof, Tear-proof, Scratch-proof PVC Fabric

1.0: Original Version
2.0: Upgraded Version with Fixed Belt, Buckle, Keychain

Laptop Rucksack Computer Backpack
Laptop Rucksack Computer Backpack $83.80$86.14

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Laptop Rucksack Computer Backpack
Keep all of your belongings in a safe and secure place using this laptop rucksack. And hide your valuables and assets securely using this travel backpack. Regardless of whether you are going for relaxation or business, by bike, by walking, or by accessible transportation, the laptop backpack is the ideal voyaging mate for you. With this knapsack, you can meander in style. Also, you can likewise carry everything necessary wherever you go. This pack is ideal for any event, and it will satisfy all of your needs
Astounding Features
Multifunctional in structure, the sack can fit a 17-inch computer, a 9.7-inch tablet, notebooks, pens and more. The bag can also fit in a miniature keyboard and mouse. It can also carry personal effects such as razors, sunglasses, umbrellas, perfume bottles and more. The pack likewise includes a USB charging port for a quick charge without the hassle.
Additionally, the unit likewise includes back strap pockets that can fit Mastercards and ID cards. It is so you don’t have to scrounge into the sack when you need them. The pack incorporates various additional compartments with front and back pockets. It enables you to convey a variety of things at the same time. It even has an umbrella pocket and glasses storage pocket.
Almost Like a Suitcase
The pack includes a suitcase-like opening framework. You can open the bag to up to 180 degrees. The pack opens up to two large compartments that include numerous sleeves and pockets. Additionally, the bag features anti-theft properties. The PVC outer fabric is scratch-proof, tear-proof and splash-resistant. It makes the bag stable, secure and sturdy. The bag includes a three-layered insurance framework. These rucksacks come in three unique hues: gray and black. Its structure is straight forward, but it is also smooth and very modern in style.