LCD Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 Acid Lead Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Digital Voltmeter Tester 12V


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Description:Head support voltage range:DC6-63V (do not overvoltage)
1, the product has reverse protection, will not burn back;
2, lead-acid battery lithium battery common, through the back button to adjust;
3, can display the battery symbol
percentage or battery symbol
voltmeter, two display mode free to switch
4, the product only two lines, wiring is simple, with a wiring socket, line length 300mm;
5, all the battery specifications and function options are set by the back button, no electric iron;
Parameter:Operating voltage:DC6-63V
Working current:Sleep power consumption:12uA (12V is test)
Display:LCD with backlight
Net weight:19G
Size:61.3 * 33.3 * 13.5mm
Installation openings:58.5 * 28.5mm
Note:* The product is designed according to the discharge curve, so the discharge is relatively accurate;
* This product is called lithium battery for a single standard voltage 3.6V / 3.7V lithium battery, does not include the nominal voltage of 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery;
* This product is called lead-acid battery for the nominal voltage of 12V lead-acid batteries, water batteries, batteries, etc., does not include the voltage 16V lead-acid batteries;
The following battery specifications are common
Lead acid:12V 24V 36V 48V
Lithium battery:2 string 3 string 4 string 5 string 6 string 7 string 8 string 9 string 10 string 11 string 12 string 13 string string 14 string string
Power comes with buttons, support self-modify parameters, easy to set up
Power percentage
voltage dual display
Comes with a switch to turn off the display
Power percentage / voltage / off button 3-speed cycle switch
Setting Instructions:1. when setting, refer to setting step operation;
After the 2. power is conducted, the conductive object is prevented from contacting the back part of the electronic component to prevent short circuit damage.
Battery Code for lead acid:P; lithium battery:L; iron lithium:F
Battery type, battery range
Lead acid battery 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
Lithium battery 2 string 3 string… 14 string 15 string
Lithium iron phosphate 3 string 4 string… 15 string 16 string
Set step
1. disconnect the power display module power, press and hold the settings button, when the power module is connected to the power supply, then release the settings key,
Current display parameter for power display screen;
2. short press setting button, select Battery Specification P/L/F (P=12V, L=3.7V, F=3.2V, lithium iron phosphate battery);
3. short press function keys to set the battery string, function keys and settings keys, up or down select battery serial number; for example, 4 12V lead-acid battery 48V, set to P4; the same way, 3 3.7V lithium batteries in series, set to L3.
4., press the function key to enter the advanced settings interface, use the settings button to select S1-S5, and use the confirmation key to select or cancel
Mode, the battery symbol within the small box and S1-S5 corresponding, such as S3 corresponding to the battery symbol of third small lattice, select the show
Show, do not display cancelled)
5. set up after the re energized, the power automatically save the data set.
Package Includes:1 x Battery Tester


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