Light Switch Sticker Self-Adhesive Decal


Simple things make big impacts like this light switch stickers
It’s a self-adhesive sticker that’s easy to install; It will not leave glue residue behind
Cute stickers that add an extra ounce of fun and happiness to your home!
Material: PVC / Self-Adhesive and Removable
Design Variants:

Toilet Design
Light Brothers
Light Bulb- “Don’t Forget”
Shower Design

Package Content:

1 x Light Bulb Sticker

Light Switch Sticker Self-Adhesive Decal
Light Switch Sticker Self-Adhesive Decal $4.60

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Light Switch Sticker Self-Adhesive Decal
Small things make big impacts, this is true, even in your own home. It’s not necessary to make drastic renovations just to make your home feel more “homey”. Sometimes, the simple things, even in the form of this light switch sticker can make a big impact in your home. This sticker is a cute and stylish, self-adhesive decoration for your light switches. There are four variants that you can choose from depending on your preference. This sticker will add more art and life to your home. Everyone in the family will surely appreciate the simple yet cute and thoughtful act of decorating the light switch. In fact, you can even extend the thoughtfulness to your office or business establishment! After all, extra effort hurts no one. In fact, it will even make other people feel more loved and thought-off because of your simple acts of kindness.
DIY Decoration
Big things come in small packaging. This is true in the form of light switch stickers. This sticker is very easy to install on the light switches. It is self-adhesive so in order to install it, you just have to peel off the sticker to the adhesive at the back. Moreover, this sticker works on most surfaces, even on painted cement walls. What’s great about these stickers is that they do not damage the surface. In fact, when you remove it, it will not leave sticky glue residue behind! That’s style, quality, and functionality in one!
Cute Designs
Whether it’s for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or whatever room in your house. These stickers will make it look extra cute and appealing! Style every light switch in your home with this sticker. After all, plain is boring and an extra effort will only make the people you love feel more loved.