Long Handled Bath Brush Back Scrubber


A wooden bath brush with a long handle
It has natural bristles that are soft and flexible
Can help you clean and exfoliate your skin
Material: Natural Bristle, Natural Wood
Total Length: About 26cm
Width: 8cm
Package Includes:

1 x Long Handled Bath Brush Back Scrubber

100 in stock

Long Handled Bath Brush Back Scrubber
Long Handled Bath Brush Back Scrubber $17.70

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Long Handled Bath Brush Back Scrubber
Keep this Long Handled Bath Brush inside your bathroom! This is a handy back scrubber that can help you scrub the hard to reach areas on your body whenever you are taking a bath. In fact, it allows you to clean your skin efficiently without having a hard time reaching your back. Moreover, it has a wooden handle which is very durable. It will ensure you that holding this scrubber is so easy because it is non-slip and the handle is wide. You can hold the handle properly without slipping on your hand. Using this bath brush is very practical. This scrubber is a useful material that you can always use at home.
Helping You Clean Your Body
It’s a good thing that we have this shower brush because it can help us clean our bodies in an easy way. It is very important to scrub our skin since we go out every day as we buy our necessities. We never know how polluted it is outside and dirt will stick to your skin throughout the day. In this manner, you will need a reliable bath brush that uses natural materials. If the brush is natural, it won’t cause any problem to your skin even if you use it over and over again. Just make sure to rinse it well with warm water after every use. Then keep it dry on a counter in your bathroom so you can grab the shower brush right away as you take a warm bath.
Exfoliate Roughness On Skin
It can exfoliate the roughness on your skin as you scrub a particular area in your body for a longer time. You can wet the brush with water. Add an ample amount of shower gel and scrub it all over your body.