Manual Shoe Making Sewing Machine Shoes Leather Repairs Sewing Equipment


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Manual Shoe Making Sewing Machine Shoes Leather Repairs Sewing Equipment
Manual Shoe Making Sewing Machine Shoes Leather Repairs Sewing Equipment $269.99

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Description:This machine can be used with nylon line and cotton line, can be used with Prince line and other lines, Max. sewing thickness is 5mm.
The distance between the needles can be regulated, and the Max. width is about 6mm
Can sewing different material shoe by nylon or cotton wire.(Such as cloth shoes , rubber shoes , leather shoes , sneakers , high heels , as well as raincoats , leather bags , cloth , trousers, or other leather products.Notice:Professional machine, please make sure you know how to use it before your order.
Operating Instructions:1. Preparation before operation:* Press the foot and avoid the friction between the foot and the pin plate.
* Check the fastening of fixed screws in each department.
* Add oil to each part of the oil.
* The shaking guide plate can be used without the sound of kazak.
2. Threading and lead:*. Take the shuttle shell and the spindle:shake the guide plate, lift the needle to the highest position, remove the shuttle with tweezers, lift and push the needle plate, and remove the shuttle with tweezers.
* Spindle winding:Pull off the winding machine, pull out the wire wrap around the center of the spindle for a few weeks into the spool, shake the guide plate to be wrapped around the center of the shuttle, and pull back the winding.
* The center of the shuttle will first transmit the thread of the spindle to the line hole of the shuttle money, and then insert the spindle into the shuttle, and then the thread will be inserted into the hole of the surface to pull the line.
* Put the position of the spindle is hand guide plate, the needle was about to rise, the spindle end to aim at the needle grooove, and the thread take 2 to 3 inches long, according to the bed and a half months have flown grooove close needle plate again, shaking the market, but the bottom line to the needle plate, passed quickly put the location of the error, the bottom line with online and offline.
* Wearing noodles:Shake the guide plate, lift the needle to the top position, and put down the foot. Pull out the line head in the coil, thread through the middle shaft, through the thread and line, through the thread spring and thread, enter the hole of the needle, and then pull the line through the needle hole to pull the line head 2-3 inches.
* Leave the front of the line in the left hand (not too tight), and use the right hand to shake the guide plate, so that the needle belt line will pass through the pin hole to draw the bottom line, and together with the bottom line, the machine press the foot gap left behind.
3. Relationship between the bottom line and mending quality:* Identification of needles.
* Adjust the bottom surface pressure, tight line screw nut SongYa line, use time is too long, there will be a bottom line for too fast, the adjustable or bobbin change line into line, the bottom line, the take-up fixed screw loosening, pick needle bar backward, check whether the bobbin rotating flexible, use sandpaper sanding, tighten the line pressing nut stitch length adjustment.
4. Adjustment of needle spacing
Because the sewing material is different must adjust the needle pitch, when choosing the needle length, only need to screw the needle pitch screw loose, in choosing the needle to be short time, conversely upward move, can.
5. Adjustment of pressure foot pressure
When the pressure must be increased, the pressure must be tightened, and the tension of the tension spring will be increased, and the pressure of the foot will be increased.
6. Handling and sewing of machine needle:* Turn the guide plate, the needle bar up to the top spin pine needle clamp screw, remove the old needle, insert the flat face new needle rod inside the grooove, touch the bottom of the channel of the machine when the needle positioning gear, then tighten the screws.
* Combination of needle and stitching:generally use 18 pin, sewing various kinds of rubber shoes and bag side shoes, such as needle, 14-16, sewing various leather shoes and canvas, etc., with 18 pins.
7. Adjustment of the location of the sotto:many people can’t draw the line, the reason is that the position is wrong.
When output spindle is to take off the line, the tail end of the shuttle must aim at the needle grooove, the gap from a lot, misplacing of spindle position, not timing will be adjusted, loosen the loose piece with screw rod links, moving rod, can make the tail end of the spindle on the needle grooove, then tighten the screw.
8. The adjustment of the needle bar up:in the stage of needle, needle hole should be on the spindle bottom plane, or it should be adjusted, method is to loosen the screw on the small connecting rod shaft, move the needle bar to the right position to tighten again.
Package included:1 x Shoe Sewing Machine
1 x User Instruction