MATCC Upgraded Foam Nozzle Pressure Washer Jet Wash Snow Foam Lance with 1/4” Quick Connector Foam 5 Pressure Washer Nozzle


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MATCC Upgraded Foam Nozzle Pressure Washer Jet Wash Snow Foam Lance with 1/4'' Quick Connector Foam 5 Pressure Washer Nozzle
MATCC Upgraded Foam Nozzle Pressure Washer Jet Wash Snow Foam Lance with 1/4'' Quick Connector Foam 5 Pressure Washer Nozzle $22.99

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Description:Upgraded Foam Nozzle:Heavy duty brass core is much thicker and heavier, nozzle and plastic connector are tighter, don’t shake easily for durable use. Bigger foam core make foam is more dense and thick.
Filter Block:With filter on the end of tube, filter particles in the soap or water, never scratch car paint. MATCC pay attention to every detail to provide best care for your car.
Quick Connect Nozzle and 5 Washer Nozzle Tips:With 1/4″ quick disconnection fitting, easy to operate, save your time and money. 5 different angle tips to meet your need in different situations, also can be attached to a quick-connect wand for swifter application and more.
Requirement:Require pressure washer have 100BAR – Over 1450 PSI Pressure and 2.0Gpm flow for use. Maximum pressure:200BAR – 3000PSI; Maximum flow:5.3Gpm. Highest Water Temperature:60℃/140℉
Multiple use:Car, Motorcycle Washing, floors,Windows washing, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing, watering and so on. Ideal for enthusiast or professional use. It can be directly connected on the pressure washer. Please check your machine before purchase foam lance, don’t fit garden hose.
Features:1. MATCC new snow foam make great foam to wash your car.
2. Upgrade Foam Nozzle for more dense and thick foam.
3. Heavy duty brass core for durable use.
4. Filter block on the tube to filter particles, never scratch your car.
5. Easy to use.
6. Great for Driveways, Roofs, Garden Hose, Siding, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, boats, trucks and windows.
Specification:Interface:G1/4 “F
Requires pressure:100BAR – 1450PSI
Maximum pressure:200BAR – 3000PSI
Requires Flow:2.0Gpm
Maximum flow:5.3Gpm
Highest Water Temperature:60℃/140℉
Size:10.63”x 3.15′ (27 x 8cm)
Spray Nozzles Color:red, yellow, green, white, black.
0 Degree (Red, Stainless Steel, Concentrated Pencil Jet) High Pressure Nozzle
15 Degree (Yellow, Stainless Steel, High Performance) High Pressure Dirt Removal
25 Degree (Green, Stainless Steel, Multi-Purpose) Lower Pressure Brick Cleaning etc
40 degree (White, Stainless Steel, Sensitive Surfaces) Common use Such As Car Cleaning, etc
65 degree (Black, Brass, Low Pressure Detergent Application) Nozzles
Package Included:1 x Foam Cannons 1L Bottle
1 x Instructions
5 x Spray nozzle tips
Note:1.With 1/4″ Quick Connector, please check your machine before purchase and some garden hose don’t fit.
2.Wash the Foam Nozzle by clean water after using, don’t block the filter,
3.Require pressure washer have 100BAR-Over 1450 PSI Pressure for use.
4.Adjust the spray nozzle to get a proper spray pattern.
5.Adjust the knob on the top to control how much water is mixed in. (-) sign indicates less water (more foam is produced), and the (+) indicates more water (less foam is produced).