Microwave Scrambled Egg Cooker


Cook eggs in the microwave oven using this microwave scrambled egg cooker
Cooking eggs in the microwave is healthier because you do not use oil; And you don’t burn your hands from oil splash
You can also use this cooker to make sunny-side-up eggs
Material: PP / Size: 23 x 21 x 23 cm
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1 x Microwave Scrambled Egg Cooker

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Microwave Scrambled Egg Cooker
The microwave scrambled egg cooker is an instant egg cooker. It’s very ideal for those people who have an “on-the-go” lifestyle. It’s perfect for your adults or students who live in an apartment away from home. You can now prepare a healthy breakfast without spending so much time in the kitchen, all thanks to this egg cooker. You can use this cooker in two ways. First, you can use it to make an omelet or scrambled eggs. On the other hand, you can also use this cooker to make sunny-side-up eggs by using the egg mold tray (comes with the package). Simply pop the egg cooker inside the microwave oven and you’ll have your hot, healthy, and delicious scrambled eggs in just a few minutes! It’s very easy to use and non-stick too! It’s a great cookware for your home and even for your office!
Healthier Cooking Method
Scramble eggs are usually fried in a hot, non-stick pan. But, anything that’s fried is unhealthy and it has more calories than non-fried ones. Therefore, cooking eggs in the microwave is healthier than frying it in a pan. It’s not only healthy but it’s easier too! If you come to think of it, you just have to slide the egg cooker in the microwave oven. You do not have to prepare a pan, heat it up, and fry it. So, you get instant healthy eggs from the microwave oven! Plus, you don’t risk burning your hands from oil splatter when you microwave it.
Two -Way Cooker
Can’t decide between sunny-side up or scrambled eggs? Then, why not have both! This is a two-way egg cooker. This means that you can cook both a sunny-side-up egg and scramble eggs in this cooker. To use it for sunny-side-up eggs, simply attach the egg mold tray.

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