Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Tool


You can sew your clothes and repair or redesign them using this mini handheld sewing machine
This is a very portable sewing machine that allows you to handle it with more control and precision
You can use this to sew on different kinds of fabric like silk, wool, and others as long as it’s not too thick
Power: 4 x AA batteries / Stitch Length: 1mm 
Size: 21 x 6.5 x 3.5cm / Max. Sewing Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 220g / Max. Sewing Speed: 10
Package Content:

1 x Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Tool (Batteries not included)

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Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Tool
One of the most useful skills that anyone can learn is sewing. It is especially convenient at times where you have to repair your clothes. Consequently, having to repair your clothes over a small tear can cost you money. However, if you know how to sew, you can easily repair your clothes on your own. More so, you can also design and sew your own clothing if you wish. Now, not everyone has the time or talent to learn sewing. While others simply find it hard to do manual sewing. Good thing there is this mini handheld sewing machine that you can use. Using a regular sewing machine can be too complicated for some to use. However, with this, anyone can start sewing just like an expert. You can repair or even make clothes easier and better if you have this one with you.
Extremely Convenient
This sewing machine is a lot smaller than the regular ones. Yet it works just the same as the typical ones. More so, this handheld size makes it more convenient for anyone to use. You can easily control your movements when sewing with this. Aside from that, you can also bring this with you if you wish. This is an ideal machine for beginners at sewing to have. You can create a lot of DIY projects like redesigning your old clothes and many more. At first glance, this might look like a stapler but it is actually much better than that. You can now repair all kind of fabric that you have at home.
Versatile Use
You can effectively use this to sew on different kinds of fabric materials. For example, this would work great on silk, denim, wool, and other fabrics as long as it is not too thick.

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