Moss Ball Aquarium Pet Supplies
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Moss Ball Aquarium Pet Supplies

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This Moss Ball effectively purifies the water by digesting toxic substances in the water
It is easy to use by simply placing it in the water, it will thrive and grow on its own
It allows algae to grow easily and it adapts to different water qualities easily
Size: 3-4 cm / Suitable Temperature: 22- 28
Aquatic Plants Illumination: 1000Lux / Aquatic Plants Hardness:2-18DH
Aquatic Plant PH: 6.0-8.5
Package Contents:

1 x Moss Ball

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Moss Ball Aquarium Pet Supplies
Keep your pet fishes healthy without the hassle using this Moss Ball Aquarium Pet Supplies! It is easy to use and a must-have for all fish tanks! Some people think that having a fish tank simply requires you to put fish and water inside an aquarium. But, it takes more than that. Depending on the type of aquatic pets you have, you have to make sure that the habitat they live in suits their needs. Otherwise, they will become stressed and even die over time. A moss ball is probably one of the last things that will come to your mind when improving your aquarium. But here’s why it should actually be on the top of your list.
Great for Pets
A moss ball is basically a spherical shape where moss and algae can grow inside your fish tank. What it does is it centralizes the growth of algae instead of having it all over the tank. Also, it keeps the water clean and clear by digesting toxic substances in the water. That way, it can purify the water to make your fishes habitat cleaner for them to live in. This moss ball also requires not much attention or effort. By simply leaving it be inside the fish tank, it will thrive on its own by feeding on the different impurities in the water.
Easy to Use
If you are hesitant to get one because you think it will be too much work, then you are wrong. All you really have to do with this moss ball is submerge it into the water and it will grow on its own. You can either hang it to save space or place it at the fish tank’s bottom along with the other plants and ornaments. It easily adjusts to different water qualities and temperatures so you don’t need to add things like fertilizers to it. Finally, this moss ball has a beautiful and natural green color which can make the fish tank look more attractive and authentic.

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