Neon Light Sign Bar Decor


The Neon Light Sign is suitable for cafes, bars, and pubs
It emits a bright neon-colored light that’s eye-catching
It helps boost business; It is an electric-powered sign
Material: Glass/ Plug Type Variants: AU, US, UK
Size (LxW): 43 x 35cm/ Output: 12V-5A
Input: 100 – 240V, 1.6A, 50/60Hz
Package Contents:

1 x Neon Light Sign
1 x Chain for Hanging

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Neon Light Sign Bar Decor
Neon Light Sign Bar Decor $119.00

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Neon Light Sign Bar Decor
This Neon Light Sign Bar Decor is perfect for both home and commercial use! It’s great to use indoors and even outdoors! Nothing’s more attractive than a bright neon light at night. During the day, customers would have no problem finding your store because they can easily see the signs. However, it may not be the same once it turns dark. That’s why it’s important to have an LED sign especially since most bars only open at night. This sign features a “Cocktails and Dreams” slogan that’s also perfect for photos.
Why You Should Buy It
More than just serving as a light source, getting a neon light sign is a business strategy. It is one way for you to stay above your competitors and attract first-time customers to your place. Most signs are plain looking so they can easily blend in with all the other city lights. The unique thing about this sign is that it emits a neon light effect. This is more eye-catching and easy to spot especially for driving customers. Drivers don’t have time to read each and every sign because they need to focus on the road. But they will surely see this sign as it stands out from all the rest.
Electric-Powered Sign 
The good thing about it is that it is electric-powered. No need to keep replacing the batteries which can really be a hassle. Especially if you mount it on a high place, you don’t have to keep climbing up just to get it and replace the batteries. Also, it comes with a chain that you can use to hang it securely. Please note that the chain doesn’t contain any ornaments, it’s only mainly for hanging the sign. You can also choose from 3 different plug types depending on what’s most convenient for you. Finally, it is of high-quality glass material that makes the lights appear brighter.