Parakeet Nesting Box Wooden Birdhouse


This Parakeet Nesting Box can be attached to the cage as an extension
It has a perching stick and the lids can be opened for convenience
Made of natural materials which will encourage birds to have a more natural behavior
Material: Wood
Size: Approx. 12 x 12 x 19.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Parakeet Nesting Box

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Parakeet Nesting Box Wooden Birdhouse
Make sure your pets are comfortable in their cage with this Parakeet Nesting Box Wooden Birdhouse! It is durable and high-quality! Different pets have different needs and birds are no different from them. Some people think that providing them with food and water is enough to make them survive. However, if you really want to make them happy in their home, you should give them more than just that. Birds, especially parakeets are sociable animals and just like other animals, they mate. This is not only for their own benefit but for you as well. You can potentially have baby birds right from the eggs of your existing pets.
Bird Breeding Box
The main purpose of this nesting box is to provide a space for your birds to be comfortable. Even birds want some privacy and it helps reduce their stress. This box will only serve as a breeding box but the birds can lay eggs inside it as well. This will provide them with a safe space where they can keep their eggs and lay on them until they hatch. The good thing about this box is that you can attach it to a cage you already have at home. This will serve as an extension for it and it is easy to install as well. Just make sure that the hole on the box aligns with that of the cage. Using the screws, you can attach the box into the cage without leaving permanent damages.
Easy to Open
The best part is that it has a lid which you can open to easily clean the box. You can expect that there will bird waste inside the box but you can easily take it out thanks to the openings. Also, it has a stick in front of it which the birds can perch on. It is of wooden material too which is natural and non-toxic for the birds. It will make them feel more comfortable and encourage natural nesting behaviors for them.

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